[TGIF] Games of Green and Blue

Fresh tracks from up-and-coming artists. It's TGIF!

Artwork from Dawn Park's EP "Petaluma"
Welcome to "Thank God It's Friday" where we dive into the latest musical releases that have been setting our "earing pupils" on fire. As we bid farewell to another exciting week, we can't help but celebrate the incredible tracks that have graced our ears in recent weeks. From infectious pop hits to electronic and rock-ish stirring records, this post is dedicated to showcasing the best of the best. Get ready to discover your new favourite songs and let the music take you on a captivating ride. It's time to turn up the volume and embrace the magic of these incredible releases. Let the music speak, and let the weekend begin in style.

Cidcity -Chocolate Cake

Jez Dylan Bonham, also known as Cidcity, is a Canadian singer-songwriter based in Vancouver. He blends indie-rock, pop, soul, funk, and psychedelic influences, creating a sound similar to artists like Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, The Killers, and The War On Drugs. Originally from Revelstoke, Jez comes from a musical background with his grandfather being an opera singer and his father a folk singer. Under the name Cidcity, Jez explores new musical directions with each release, delivering fresh and unique music. He is known for his electric live performances and high energy shows in the Vancouver region. Cidcity is releasing his newest single today. “Chocolate Cake” follows the success of his previous singles “Lulu“, an energetic indie-rock track, and “Stalker” a soulful and laidback, friendly piece. “Chocolate Cake” is an addictive blend of funk-infused bass riffs, distorted rock tones, and soulful melodies and it delves into the experience of falling for someone you know you shouldn’t have, yet finding it irresistible, much like that extra piece of chocolate cake that always leaves you wanting more.

Dawn Park – Green and blue

Embodying the essence of feeling good and radiating positivity, Dawn Park‘s latest track entitled “Green and Blue” is a delightful blend of smoothness and serenity. With its flowing melodies and immaculate arrangement, the song creates an uplifting atmosphere that instantly uplifts the listener. The intertwined guitar work dances gracefully, complemented by clever songwriting that showcases flawless and spot-on vocals, exuding a refreshing summer pop-rock vibe. As the song progresses, engaging guitar solo elements emerge, delving deeper into the musical landscape and injecting a profound sense of depth. Alongside the captivating instrumentals, the lyrics captivate with their catchiness, offering a relatable narrative that resonates with the shared experiences of anxiety, relationships, and life in New York. Through “Green and Blue” Dawn Park encapsulates the belief that even in the simplest of places, there is always something beautiful or amusing worth embracing. And we cheer for that.

Helaine Vis – Games

We are very honoured to introduce the debut single “Games” from Helaine Vis, an accomplished singer-songwriter hailing from Berlin. This captivating track serves as both the opening anthem and lead single from her highly anticipated album. Helaine’s serene and personal storytelling takes centre stage, harmonizing flawlessly with the gentle caress of piano chords and the evocative crackle reminiscent of vintage vinyl. “Games” delves deep into the complexities of human connections, exploring themes of yearning, expectations, intimacy, and apprehension. It paints a vivid portrait of a riveting duel between two evenly matched adversaries, locked in a game devoid of triumph or defeat. As the trip-hop influences intertwine with the haunting melancholy, the weight of the rhythm intensifies. Fearlessly baring her soul, Helaine embraces vulnerability, recognizing it as her greatest strength, as her voice soars above the powerful and deep musical landscape.

Later. – Turn Away

Later., a rising force in the new French scene, continues to make waves following their impressive debut album (we also featured them here). As anticipation builds for their upcoming concert at La Cigale in early 2024, the band treats us to a refreshing and vibrant pop gem. “Turn Away” embodies the essence of summer with its funky and light-hearted mood, employing repetition in an irresistibly catchy way. The guitar elements effortlessly melt in our ears, adding a delightful touch to the track’s overall charm. The repetitive nature of the song contributes to its catchiness, creating an infectious groove that keeps listeners hooked from start to finish. This delightful composition showcases Later.’s knack for crafting feel-good music that radiates warmth and leaves a lasting impression. Get ready to turn up the volume and let the carefree spirit of “Turn Away” take you on a musical journey filled with joy and liberation.

MSB – Shout Out Loud

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter MSB (Michael Sackler-Berner) debuts on Wax Records with the introspective album “Borrowed Time“. Co-written and produced with collaborator Nick Movshon, the nine-track collection explores finding beauty amidst a changing world. Lead track “Shout Out Loud” showcases MSB’s raw approach while reflecting on personal growth. Resonating alike Wilco and 90s slow-paced indie-rock it is truly food for soul. The album, described as a “mid-life crisis album,” delves into hard realizations, acceptance, and self-identity. Recorded during the pandemic, the record became a lifeline for MSB and Movshon, resulting in a powerful body of work. With a rich musical background and placements on popular TV shows, MSB solidifies his place as a rock n’ roll troubadour.

Paige Valentine – Cloud Dancing

In 2020, Paige Valentine gained recognition with two singles, “Pure” and “Fool” (also featured here) receiving support from NME, Rolling Stone, Pilerats, triple j, Unearthed, and earning WAM Award nominations. Having relocated to a small rural town in Western Australia, Paige is now preparing to release her debut album. The album’s first single, “Cloud Dancing” holds a special significance as it was written during the final stages of a close friend’s life. Honouring her friend’s love for swimming, Paige visited the beach daily upon her request. Following her friend’s passing, Paige hesitated to return to the beach but eventually felt compelled to do so. Upon her return, she was greeted by a breathtaking sight—a magnificent cloud spanning the sky, illuminated with lights. Inspired by this moment, Paige titled the song “Cloud Dancing” symbolizing her friend’s presence in the sky, dancing among the clouds. The rest is for you to let yourself go with the haunting experience that the track is.

The Palava – Useless

Based in York, The Palava is an English Indie Rock outfit that has been making waves in the music scene. Their debut single garnered an impressive 18,000 streams, marking a relative success, and received national radio play across the U.K. Born from a drunken conversation among friends, The Palava has been driven to carve their own space within the vibrant Yorkshire music scene and beyond.

Their latest track, “Useless,” slated for release on July 7th, has the band buzzing with excitement as they believe it represents their finest offering to date. Recorded at Lincoln’s Chapel Studio, where the Arctic Monkeys crafted their first album, and engineered by Pieter Rietkerk of Catfish and the Bottlemen, “Useless” is a high-octane, adrenaline-fueled anthem that demands attention. From the very first note, this energetic and aggressive track captivates listeners, making them jump around with its infectious energy. The song grows and evolves throughout, culminating in a spectacular crescendo driven by engaging vocals and electrifying guitar riffs. With its powerful and dynamic sound, “Useless” showcases The Palava’s ability to create a captivating musical experience that leaves a lasting impact. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride as you immerse yourself in the electrifying world of “Useless” and witness The Palava’s undeniable talent and passion for delivering unforgettable Indie Rock music.