L’Impératrice and Cuco’s “Heartquake”

An Imperial trip, merging nu-disco, psychedelic pop and indietronica in one heart-shaking piece!

On July 29, the French sextet L’Impératrice joined forces with Cuco from California, blending their nu-disco and psychedelic styles to create the perfect fusion in their latest collaboration, “Heartquake“. After crossing paths backstage at Coachella in 2022, they crafted this exhilarating summer anthem that is set to captivate audiences as a standout performance at summer festivals.

L’Impératrice provides further insight into the inspiration behind “Heartquake“: “It’s the story of someone completely disconnected from their emotions who is on their usual peaceful bus ride one morning. And then, someone sits across from them, and suddenly, their brain freezes, and they fall to their knees, struck by a thunderbolt, a kind of Tako tsubo. It’s a sensation that shakes them to the core, and they’re not sure if they can survive it, but they desire it.” Cuco chimes in, expressing his delight and gratitude: “It’s a pleasure and honor to be working with my friends in L’Impératrice“.

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