Hit La Rosa and las “Caminatas Oscuras”

Drawing a bridge between Neo-psychedelia and traditional world music, "Caminatas Oscuras" is Cumbia in steroids!

Hit La Rosa is an enchanting Peruvian band that draws inspiration from the rich traditions of Peruvian cumbia, infusing it with elements of psychedelia. Their musical exploration extends to the folklore of diverse cultures across the globe. By enveloping their experimentation with a contemporary sound and psychedelic nuances, they achieve a truly distinctive fusion that exudes remarkable fluidity and harmony.

Caminatas Oscuras” is a song that depicts the mundane aspects of daily life with a hopeful perspective and an explosive sound. It expresses a sense of dissatisfaction with the potential monotony of everyday routines, yet maintains a positive outlook. The single emanates a tropical punk vibe, infused with the seasoned flavor of cumbia and accompanied by striking elements. It draws inspiration from the original sound of Peruvian cumbia and delves into the folklore of various cultures from around the world.

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