Discover the Captivating Fusion of Genres in “Avocados”

A Funky Jam Session that Defies Comparison

Avocados” by King Monday is a captivating track that draws inspiration from Sherwyn’s inner-city upbringing and the vibrant nightlife that has influenced the sound of King Monday.

The song delves into Sherwyn’s experiences with shady dwellers, fake friends, and intriguing stranger interactions, all woven together with a newfound appreciation for spoken word. The lyrics tell a cautionary tale, while the playful and sample-driven instrumental takes cues from R&B and hip-hop artists like Erykah Badu and MF Doom. With a chaotic start that gradually finds its organized rhythm, “Avocados” keeps the listener on the edge throughout, defying any attempts at a comparison to other artists or genres. The track seamlessly jumps from future/UK garage to hip-hop and pop music, as if effortlessly blending these diverse elements into a funky jam session. The catchy vocals and incredible funky elements make it feel like a never-ending party in our ears, while the surreal use of the bass adds an extra layer of depth. “Avocado” is a modern, fresh, and novel composition that stands alone, unlike anything else out there.

This single marks the third release from King Monday’s album cycle, which features a combination of new material and reworks, including a B-side track in this record. Each song in this album cycle builds upon and reimagines its own components, immersing listeners in the unique world created by KM.

With its modern and fresh sound, “Avocados” exemplifies King Monday’s ability to push boundaries and create music that is truly unparalleled. It is an invitation to experience a musical journey like no other, where the listener is constantly surprised and delighted by the catchy vocals, funky elements, and overall party-like atmosphere that permeates the track.

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