Meet the remarkable aura of G. Smith’s new dream-pop

Explore the new Dream-Pop World of G. Smith with "Touching Grass".

G. Smith‘s mesmerizing new track, “Touching Grass” put her on our radar. It bears the unmistakable influence of renowned artist Laurie Anderson, and she is the first to state that.

Within the haunting depths of the song, G. Smith‘s vocals resonate like a potent whisper, effortlessly capturing the essence of inner voices that echo in our minds. The ethereal quality of her voice blends seamlessly with the intelligent hooks, skillfully utilizing her vocal prowess alongside an almost orchestral surge of instrumentation. It is in this marriage of elements that an echo of Caroline Polachek’s artistry can be heard, creating a distinct resonance that draws the listener deeper into the song’s dream-pop allure.

As the surreal aura of “Touching Grass” unfolds, it invites listeners into an unusual and enchanting realm, brimming with a welcoming and dream-filled ambience. The production of the track is nothing short of spectacular, reminiscent of the sonic landscapes crafted by M83, as each layer of sound intertwine seamlessly to create a rich and immersive musical experience. It is through this captivating composition that G. Smith explores the profound theme of losing a loved one, intertwining it with a glimmer of hope for an existence beyond our reality. With potent lyricism, the song resonates with the universal desire to believe in a place where an eternal reunion with our cherished ones becomes possible. The track serves as an ode to the unbreakable bond we share with those we’ve lost, elegantly weaving together elements of Laurie Anderson’s influence, the surreal atmosphere, and the masterful production.

About G. Smith:

Transitioning from a background in visual arts, G.Smith’s journey took an intriguing turn when the need arose to infuse her videos and animations with captivating soundscapes. As a result, she delved into the realm of music production, crafting intricate sonic landscapes by ingeniously blending diverse elements. From capturing the rhythmic hum of her washing machine to slicing and rearranging snippets of street sounds, her creative process evolved, incorporating her own voice and beyond. The evolution of these immersive soundscapes seamlessly transformed into fully-fledged songs. In tandem with her musical endeavors, G.Smith continues to weave her visual artistry, effortlessly intertwining the auditory and visual realms to create multifaceted works of art.

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