le:la’s “twentyone” brings the 90’s back.

Between now and then, "twentyone" is the latest piece from Vienna-based RnB rising star le:la.

le:la, a new indie RnB artist, based in Vienna, invites listeners to embark on a mesmerising sonic odyssey, where a beguiling blend of indie RnB allure and haunting trip-hop elements converges. The soulful vocals intertwine with breakbeats that oscillate between a gritty vintage quality and an otherworldly detachment, propelling each song with an irresistible momentum. The result is an atmospheric and cinematic soundscape, infused with a tantalising undercurrent of suspense. Within this sonic landscape, themes of insecurity, anxiety, and heartbreak find expression through captivating lyrics, weaving a captivating tapestry of shadowy and ethereal imagery.

Following the widespread radio airplay of le:la‘s acclaimed songs “drunk on you” and “could’ve had” across various European stations, the moment has arrived to introduce their latest single, “twentyone.” This captivating track is a standout feature on their debut EP, aptly titled “cold hands” and features a 90s nostalgia-like trip-hop beat, a fantastic and beautifully written poem and, overall, a friendly soulful voice timbre gluing everything together. I’m sure I’ll be around for the upcoming EP!

About le:la: