Gracie Convert’s “Comme Avant” is here!

With hints of summer and bossa-nova, "Comme Avant" is a soulful bilingual love letter to an absent lover.

Gracie Convert, a London-based British-French artist, producer, and DJ, presents “Comme Avant“—a bilingual love letter to an inconsistent lover. This soulful creation seamlessly combines R&B and Jazz with elements of Bossanova, showcasing Gracie’s unique musical style. “Comme Avant” is the second offering from her forthcoming debut EP, “Eau Secours” a captivating four-track project scheduled to release on August 18th, 2023, via AWAL.

Beautifully crafted, “Comme Avant” is a blend of 50’s bossa-nova and 2000’s neo-soul, perfectly sung in her seductive, friendly voice timbre and extremely catchy and easy on the ears. This will mark the initial occasion where Gracie incorporates French into her music, offering a deeper glimpse into her personal narrative, upbringing, and cultural heritage. Expressing both vulnerability and determination through her lyrics, Gracie shares her perspective: “This song is about craving the affection of someone who isn’t good for you, acknowledging the emotional repercussions that come with staying with them, but staying anyway because it feels good in the moment. I think we’ve all had a phase of falling for the “wrong” type of person, especially when first finding our feet in love, I certainly used to“.

I’ll be here waiting for the E.P.!

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