Meet After Ours and their new captivating “head-nod-jazz”

A captivating fusion of Jazz and modernity.

After Ours is not just another jazz duo; they are a refreshing new project that pushes the boundaries of the genre and showcases how jazz can sound modern and overwhelming. With their remarkable talent and innovative approach, they have reimagined what jazz can be, captivating audiences with their electrifying performances. Their music has the ability to transcend the traditional role of background jazz and instead works as a mindful soundtrack that transports listeners to a different realm or as an active head-banging experience that ignites a surge of energy.

With Eli Kahn’s virtuosic command of the guitar and Arthur Schroeder’s mesmerizing skills on the drums, After Ours emerges as a dynamic force that heroes these instruments like few others in the modern age. Their synergy is palpable, delivering a sonic fusion that is both exhilarating and unforgettable. That extraordinary talent and passion that defines After Ours is perfectly introduced in their second album “Music For Cats“. Enticing the listeners with a marvellous 8-track-long experience from Jazz to post-rock, funky and groovy elements, we highlight three tracks that for us are the bread-and-butter of what could be defined as After Ours‘ sonority frontiers.

Cerberus” is an immersive track that encapsulates a captivating post-rock atmosphere, constantly teetering on the brink of evolution. Its stunning and darkly dramatic ambience is accentuated by skilful use of repetition, drawing the listener deeper into its sonic landscape. With echoes of acclaimed acts like The Comet Is Coming, the song’s modern post-rock sound effortlessly combines head-banging intensity with moments of introspection. The unforgettable chorus, enriched by powerful guitar elements, leaves an indelible mark, solidifying “Cerberus” as a standout piece within the genre.

PIXY STIX” is an irresistibly groovy track, surpassing the infectiousness of “Cerberus” with its captivating guitar elements captivating listeners right from the start. The joyful drum elements gracefully propel the song forward, adding to its evolution. The seamless blend of dream-pop and post-rock creates a perfect equilibrium between contemporary and nostalgic vibes, reminiscent of the unique essence found in Santana’s music. The ingenious use of repetition once again shines through, captivating the audience. This enchanting composition invites listeners to sway gently, encouraging an active yet meditative focus.

Cattitude” is an invigorating track that embodies the essence of a driving organ trio style, featuring the remarkable talents of Dutcher Snedeker from Earth Radio. Reminiscent of the fusion sounds of the 70s, the song seamlessly blends in modern jazz elements. It serves as a testament to the band’s jazz roots, keeping the genre at the forefront more than any other track on the album. What sets “Cattitude” apart is its ability to showcase jazz in a contemporary light, with a captivating and infectious quality that defies traditional expectations. The electric guitar takes centre stage, exuding brilliance and an irresistible sense of joy that radiates throughout the composition, leaving listeners with a lasting feeling of happiness.

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