This is Alissa Feudo’s “Life’s Blood”

Life's Blood is Alissa Feudo's latest and it is a beautiful, mind-sailing piece!

Alissa Feudo resides in the vicinity of Austin, TX, where she thrives as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Renowned for her captivating collaborations with Myon in the realm of trance music, Alissa Feudo operates under her artist name, also known as ICON. Her remarkable vocals and songwriting talents have graced remixes and joint projects with numerous esteemed artists, including Seven Lions, Andy Moor, Dash Berlin, and others. The cumulative streams and Beatport chart-topping achievements of her collaborative ventures have reached staggering numbers.

Within her solo endeavors, Alissa‘s delicate and ethereal voice, coupled with her heartfelt and introspective lyrical approach, remains unmistakably distinct. Her highly anticipated debut album, crafted in collaboration with John Hancock from Late Night Alumni, Myon, and KLRX, presents a diverse assortment of alternative pop and indie compositions, seamlessly blending acoustic and electronic elements. Through her enthralling vocal timbre and thoughtful songcraft, Alissa radiates a fresh perspective and an evocative vulnerability that resonates long into the night.

The soul-stirring composition “Life’s Blood” emerged from Alissa‘s pen, with production expertise provided by John Hancock (known for credits with Kaskade and Late Night Alumni). This poignant piece takes on a downtempo nature, delving into introspection as it explores the transient and cyclical essence of life and love.

At its core, “Life’s Blood” grapples with the acceptance of the inevitable ebbs and flows inherent in every relationship. It serves as a profound realization that we should not hold on too tightly to anyone or anything in this world, acknowledging the profound truth that beginnings and endings are an intrinsic part of our journey.

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