Oh Bummer! asks you to “Listen Up”

"Listen Up" is the reminder of something we often tend to forget: life is problematic and we better smile our way though it.

Oh Bummer! is the solo project of Tanner Houghton, a Seattle-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter. His music combines casual, frank lyrics and listless vocals with trip-hop inspired beats from producer The KickDrums. Tanner describes his songs as a conglomeration of his manic ADHD thoughts and sees them as a diary of an overthinker. Influenced by Still Woozy, half-alive, and Magic Bronson, Oh Bummer! creates indie pop with an alternative rock vibe, reflecting the struggles of individuals trying their best. Working with The KickDrums and featuring horn player Kelly Pratt, Oh Bummer! explores vulnerability and humility in his music. His debut EP, “Losing Sunlight“, is out now on If This Then Records, with another EP scheduled for release in 2023.

Oh Bummer!‘s indie-rock single, “Listen Up“, is out today. This track serves as the second single from his highly anticipated EP, scheduled for later in 2023. Produced by the renowned trip-hop producer, The KickDrums, “Listen Up” effortlessly emanates a relaxed and chilled musical atmosphere. However, beneath the surface, the lyrics delve into deeply personal inspiration, adding an introspective touch to the song.

About the new track, Houghton told us: “Listen Up” is an empathetic take on what I know about my late father. He was taken by brain cancer when I was five, and lost the ability to walk long before that. I have memories of him trying with all his might to get up out of his wheel chair and walk, only to hit the ground. He contained multitudes, and seemed to carry so much darkness and light in his heart. Even though he hurt people I love, I stand firm in the belief that love is what heals. This all relates to me and my younger self too – lost, angry, confused. Constantly falling and sinking deeper into that black hole. I needed love and support more than anything, but you can only receive those things if you let them in.”

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