TheFrenchKris releases new indie-rock delight “Plus le même”

An unapologetically eclectic and liberating experience.

TheFrenchKris unveils the first single “Plus le même” from his upcoming album “Nos Rêves Bizarres” released on the past June 16th.

With a delightful blend of indie and rock influences, TheFrenchKris showcases his free-spirited and vibrant presence in the French music scene. The track exhibits remarkable consistency in its pace, accompanied by a captivating rap-meets-spoken-word vocal delivery that speaks volumes. The beautiful melody envelops the song, creating an immediate and cosy pop sensation. Despite its brevity, the song feels familiar yet uniquely unexplainable, leaving a lasting impression. With modern production that progressively grows more comforting, TheFrenchKris truly embodies the essence of his music, delivering an unapologetically eclectic and liberating experience that makes pop feel wider and more genuine than usual.

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