Jwalttz releases a new sunny-indie-pop song called “Circles”

A sun-soaked indie-pop journey by Jwaltzz that captivates with infectious melodies and captivating vocals.

Circles” by Jwaltzz is a sunny indie-pop song that encapsulates the feel-good vibes of a carefree summer day. Hailing from Monmouth County, NJ, Jwaltzz is a DIY artist whose music blends elements of The Cure and surf rock, with a strong influence from bedroom pop. The track’s loose and captivating vocals effortlessly provoke listeners to chill and dance around, while subtle rock nuances add an engaging touch, making the song less predictable. Drawing comparisons to Stereophonics in both vocal delivery and sonority, “Circles” shines with standout drums that drive the rhythm and guitar elements that soar above everything else, particularly during the chorus. It’s a delightful blend of infectious melodies and energetic instrumentation that leaves a lasting impression.

About Jwalttz:

Jwaltzz’s musical journey has been fueled by a deep hunger for music from a young age. Passionate and resourceful, he would steal his brother’s CDs, download them onto his iTunes, and return them as if he was never there. With a strong desire to find his place in the music world, Jwaltzz spent five years at LakeHouse Music Academy honing his skills and exploring his musical identity. Recently, he has been sharing his tracks on SoundCloud, and to his surprise, he has garnered a positive response from listeners. Music holds immense significance in Jwaltzz’s life, as it is an essential part of his being. Join him on his musical journey and experience the captivating sounds that reside within his head.