Elliot Moss great new comeback with electronic pop “Lazy”

Elliot Moss is back with "Lazy" a mentally electrifying track that blends angelic synths with precise drums.

📷 Jeff Vespa

Elliot Moss, an electronic genius on par with James Blake, remains an underappreciated artist despite his immense talent. This has been our unwavering belief ever since we first discovered his music before the creation of WtMM, and witnessed his remarkable debut Álbum “Highspeeds“.

After a second album in 2020, Elliot is back with his second 2023 song entitled “Lazy“. Just like his previous songs, “Lazy” is an introspective and atmospheric track highly electronic and mentally electrifying. Moss skillfully weaves angelic synth melodies with precise drum patterns, creating a disquieting dissonance that eventually resolves into a comforting resolution, mirroring the underlying themes of the lyrics.

Lazy” confronts the reasons behind his shortcomings and grapples with his the writer’s own imperfections. The song serves as a reflection on the various ways Elliot distracts himself from facing his uncertainties and failures. Accompanying the release is a mesmerizing music video, directed by Moss himself, featuring a futuristic and dystopian aesthetic that delves into the theme of confronting traumatic experiences.

About Elliot Moss:

Elliot Moss, a seasoned musician with a lifelong passion for creating immersive sonic landscapes, has garnered acclaim since his breakout single “Slip“. His third album showcases a commitment to emotional authenticity, exploring personal limitations as both burdens and defining factors. Collaborating with producer Damian Taylor, Moss ventures into alt-pop territory, incorporating a diverse range of instruments and electronic elements, while emphasizing a guitar-driven sound. The album delves into introspection and transformative catharsis, reflecting Moss’s belief that profound peace arises from experiencing emotions intensely.

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