Szymon Justyński – Mekambe

"Mekambe" is a dancefloor anthem meticulously crafted to captivate the hearts of avid collectors and ignite the passion of music enthusiasts.

Szymon Justyński is a versatile musician hailing from Poland, known for his skills as a bassist, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Born in 1996, he has been immersed in the world of music from a young age. At the tender age of 6, he embarked on his musical journey by mastering the piano. As he entered his teenage years, he discovered a deep affinity for the bass, and this passion has only continued to flourish since then.

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of life, the diverse range of people, and the wonders of nature, Szymon creates a captivating musical universe. His compositions know no boundaries, transcending genres and aiming to transport the listener’s mind to an alternate reality. When you listen to his music, you can truly feel the unrestricted creativity and artistic expression that he pours into every note, allowing for a transformative experience.

Szymon Justyński makes a remarkable debut on Rivamare Records with his latest single, “Mekambe“, which serves as a preview of his highly anticipated self-titled debut album featuring 11 captivating tracks. This future-funk sensation showcases an extraordinary blend of profound jazz virtuosity and mesmerising grooves that transport listeners into a realm of musical dreams.

With its infectious rhythms and irresistible energy, “Mekambe” is tailor-made for the dancefloor, captivating both avid collectors and passionate music enthusiasts. Whether spinning on a DJ set or adding to a personal playlist, this exceptional track guarantees to get people on their feet, reveling in the joy of movement and pure enjoyment. With its vibrant summer vibes, it’s the perfect soundtrack for sun-kissed days spent by the sea, emanating a sense of warmth and optimism.

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