Holy Wave – Bog Song

The first single out off "Five of Cups", Holy Wave's upcoming album, is here!

Austin-based childhood friends Ryan Fuson Joey Cook, Kyle Hager, and Julian Ruiz – originally from El Paso – honed their musical skills in the local DIY scene. Seeking more opportunities and diverse influences, they frequently traveled across the Southwest to attend concerts, often missed by bands in West Texas. This thirst for exploration led them to relocate to Austin, where their adventurous songwriting and love for touring flourished. However, the pandemic abruptly disrupted their way of life, yet it also pushed Holy Wave to delve deeper into new sonic territories.

Their album, “Five of Cups“, showcases their signature acid textures and dreamlike soundscapes, with the title track setting the album’s tone. The song combines woozy synths, floaty guitar jangles, and unconventional chord progressions, evoking a contemplative struggle between self-determination and defeatism. Holy Wave maintains this wistful and otherworldly atmosphere on “Bog Song” alternating between somber minor chords and layered electric arrangements.

Ethereal and drenched with ’90s influences, “Bog Song” is accompanied by a visually captivating retro-futuristic video created by band member Ryan Fuson and animator Joshua Kirk Ryan.

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