[TGIF] Magic Calendar

Fresh tracks from up-and-coming artists. It's TGIF!

Art by Mathen (@mathien IG) on "M-F-Calendar" single

Welcome to “Thank God It’s Friday” where we dive into the latest musical releases that have been setting our “earing pupils” on fire. As we bid farewell to another exciting week, we can’t help but celebrate the incredible tracks that have graced our ears in recent weeks. From infectious pop hits to electronic and rock-ish stirring records, this post is dedicated to showcasing the best of the best. We might be a bit late to the party on some of these but they are worthy of mention as we continue to listen to them like they were released last week (hey, they are one month old at most, and music has no age, right?). Get ready to discover your new favourite songs and let the music take you on a captivating ride. It’s time to turn up the volume and embrace the magic of these incredible releases. Let the music speak, and let the weekend begin in style.

Anaïs Lund – The Mess

Anaïs Lund, a New York-based singer-songwriter, found her passion for songwriting through a collaboration project. Influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse and The Beatles, Lund’s warm voice and unique pop melodies unravel her anxieties and explore universal human experiences. Her heartfelt lyrics paint a distinct musical landscape that is uniquely her own.

Anaïs Lund’s latest track, “The Mess” showcases her incredible and blown-away vocals. Set to an alternative indie pop melody, the song carries a classic feel that speaks directly to our ears and souls from the very beginning. Born from a sense of anxiety and a longing for spontaneity, “The Mess” captures the desire to break free and truly feel alive. With lyrics like “maybe I won’t measure the risk, I’ll blow my money on one-way trips” the song encapsulates that yearning for a life full of possibilities and embraces the exhilaration of living in the present moment.

Cooper T – Outside Looking In Ft. Eva Bee

Cooper T, the enigmatic duo from Manchester, UK, effortlessly blends their Brit-indie roots with a forward-thinking sound. Their latest single, “Outside Looking In” featuring the captivating vocals of EvaBee, is a rebellious fusion of club culture, DIY punk ethics, and UK rap elements. the track brilliantly captures the voice of the disillusioned and fearlessly sheds light on lived experiences. Beneath its witty and melodically charming exterior, socio-political undercurrent pulses, shedding light on the class divide and the harsh realities that define Britain today. With a forthcoming debut EP on the horizon, Cooper T fearlessly captures the voice of the disillusioned, shedding light on the class divide and the harsh realities of contemporary British life. Their forthcoming debut EP promises to be an eclectic mix of genres, with lyrics that offer a poetic vision of urban living. In every generation, there emerges a band that becomes a sonic signpost of their times, singing about the lives of their contemporaries, making sense of the senseless, and providing a soundtrack that compels you to dance.

Devansh – These Wounds

Devansh, the London-based artist with roots in Brooklyn and Singapore, is poised to make a splash with his debut solo music in 2022. Drawing inspiration from genres like psychedelic soul, future funk, indie pop, and world music, Devansh’s modern groove music defies categorization. Collaborating with top musicians from the London scene and long-time co-collaborators, he fuses his international upbringing and New York City jazz background to create a captivating and distinct sound. The final single from his debut album, “To Feel Free” is the anthemic and genre-blending track “These Wounds“. With its mix of indie soul, funk, electronica, and a touch of indie pop, the song explores the complexities of time after a heartbreak, taking listeners on an emotional journey from melancholy verses to uplifting choruses. The track’s cathartic and mesmerizing qualities are amplified by its Woodkid-esque elements, culminating in a cathartic outro that showcases Devansh’s musical prowess. As his debut album releases, Devansh solidifies himself as an artist with a unique vision, evoking comparisons to the likes of Tame Impala, Jungle, and Jai Paul.

Eric Ryan – Floored

The first single from Eric Ryan‘s upcoming debut album, “Floored“, explores the giddy and warm feeling of “love at first sight“. With suave guitars, honey-smooth harmonies, and an infectiously catchy beat, the track feels like a warm hug; a fleeting moment of affection before coming to its untimely end. On the track, Eric says, “This song’s inspiration came from this time I performed at a venue; where I was instantly floored by this girl when our eyes met. I tried to encapsulate the feeling of ‘love at first sight’ in this song by keeping it short in nature; so that just like in real life, you’d want to go back and listen/see them again.”

Featuring a breathtaking performance by fellow Toronto musician Kaiyel, Eric continues his streak of bringing local artists together on his discography. Furthermore, on “Floored“, Eric‘s inspirations shine through, with him bringing his own unique hue to sounds reminiscent of Steve Lacy and Daniel Caesar. With his passion for music, love, and community on full display, it’s apparent that Eric Ryan has an incredible year ahead of him.

Lisa Lex – Metro

Lisa Lex, a Seattle-born artist now based in Lisbon, showcases her passion for storytelling and the power of words in her track “Metro“. Having written her first song at the tender age of 11 as a way to process heartbreak, Lisa discovered her true self through music and its ability to make her feel like a superhuman. Escaping from an unsupportive environment, she found solace in Portugal, where her love for music could flourish.

Lisa Lex’s track “Metro” is a profound exploration of emotional numbness resulting from the pressure to conform to external expectations. It captures the internal struggle and disconnection caused by the need to mould oneself into someone desired by peers and family. The song’s haunting beginning, flawlessly produced with a melancholic bass melody, sets a dark and dirty pop vibe, reminiscent of post-rock aesthetics. Lisa’s immensely powerful whispering capacity shines as she proclaims, “I’m bulletproof“, fearlessly confronting the use of words as weapons and refusing to be moved. The track unveils the visible misery endured while the world remains unchanged, prompting her to build a protective shield, shutting off her emotions in an attempt to escape the agonizing pain of disappointment. Through “MetroLisa Lex creates a profoundly resonant narrative of self-discovery and resilience, leaving listeners captivated by its dark atmosphere and deeply introspective lyrics.

Mathien – M-F Calendar

Hailing from Chicago, Mathien has fearlessly embraced and defied genres since 2002. In a bold departure from industry norms and mainstream pop sensibilities, this talented individual thrives as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, sound designer, mixing engineer, and film scorer.

With his first regional hit, “We don’t need to make love to know that we’ve got it“, Mathien soared to new heights, captivating audiences and securing numerous live performances. In 2009, he inked a deal with Midwest Music Group, recording three albums under their banner. Following his departure from MMG in 2013, Mathien embarked on a solo journey, independently releasing albums at an astonishing pace. It was during this time that he achieved his greatest triumphs, with standout hits like “Wurlitzer Crowley” from the album “Freedom Tapes” and “Pass the Vino” from “Bad Friend“.

On his latest release, “M-F Calendar“, Mathien told us: “this song was written after an artist begged me to collab and then would ghost or back out at the last minute. the 1st time was annoying, the 2nd time made me upset, and the 3rd time I had to go into the booth and record this “type a” anthem. A vintage r&b song about being punctual, and keeping a clean schedule? I don’t think this has ever been done, but here at Mathien industries we are constantly making history“.

mokina – on s’en fou

mokina‘s latest track, “On S’en Fou” is a remarkable addition to the pantheon of indie rock. The entire EP, “Swirly,” including this captivating single, was written and produced during a rainy week in Mokina’s studio on the picturesque Portuguese coast. This indie-rock/soul/psych composition exudes an intriguing blend of sensuality and nonchalance, expressing a carefree attitude towards life. Collaborating with fellow Quebecois musician Jeremy Lachance, mokina weaves together a sonic tapestry that pays homage to her late friend’s pet snail, aptly named “Clark Swirly”. With its infectious melodies and distinctive sound, “On S’en Fou” is a testament to Mokina’s artistic prowess and deserves its place among the greats in the indie rock genre.

Jenny Kern – Move On

Jenny Kern, a Canadian-born singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, has captivated audiences worldwide with her dreamy indie pop sound. We can tell by ourselves too as we were in love with her debut EP (read here). Her debut single, “Slow Burn” released in 2019, garnered international acclaim and led to her first European tour (where we took her to a couple of shows around Lisbon). With features on MTV, ABC, and the CW, Jenny’s magnetic vocals and emotive lyrics gained widespread recognition. Her previous single, “Coming Back For Me” produced by Andy Seltzer, caught the attention of renowned radio programmer Bruce Warren and received airplay on XPN and NPR’s World Cafe.

Jenny’s latest single, “Move On” showcases her mastery of commercial pop done right. With nurtured vocals that strike a delicate balance between intentional modification and subtle organic tones, Jenny delivers a captivating performance that resonates deeply. The song is intense and chorus-driven, possessing an immense potential to be embraced by a wide range of listeners, spanning from 15 to 40 years of age. Jenny’s clever songwriting shines through, as she seamlessly blends commercial production with a touch of nostalgia, creating a timeless appeal. “Move On” features great guitar-based hooks that pay homage to retro influences, adding an extra layer of depth and charm. With its infectious energy and undeniable catchiness, this track has all the ingredients to become a beloved anthem on a global scale.

Sarah Klang – Magic Stone

Sweden’s Sarah Klang enchants with her latest release “Magic Stone” a tender and hopeful homage to her baby girl, conveyed through her captivating blend of vintage pop with Americana influences. The song beautifully chronicles Sarah’s profound experience of meeting her daughter for the first time, capturing the indescribable love and self-discovery that ensued. With three Top 5 albums and two Swedish Grammy wins under her belt, Klang’s transition into motherhood sparked a fresh creative cycle centred around personal yet universally relatable human experiences. “Magic Stone” follows the triumphant lead single “Mercedes,” a synth-driven anthem radiating optimism for her daughter’s future. Klang’s upcoming headline shows across the UK and Europe, commencing on October 25th in Brighton, promise exhilarating, heartfelt, and intimate performances that have garnered her a devoted fanbase throughout the continent. Throughout her career, Klang has showcased her gift for autobiographical songwriting, earning critical acclaim for her debut “Love in The Milky Way” and sophomore album “Creamy Blue” With her latest release, “VIRGO” she expands her sonic palette to incorporate elements of ’80s synth-pop, receiving further accolades, including another Swedish Grammy for Best Alternative Pop.

Von Pearl – HERE

Helmi Tikkanen, formerly of the renowned dream pop group Karina, makes her solo debut as Von Pearl. After Karina’s hiatus in 2022, Von Pearl has emerged with her first single “HERE” from her upcoming debut album set to release in autumn 2023. Von Pearl takes full control of the songwriting, performance, and production, collaborating with Matti Ahopelto (AHO). “HERE” is a mesmerizing track that showcases Von Pearl’s captivating and haunting vocals. With a compelling blend of tribal pop and popish rock, the song takes listeners on a captivating journey. The chorus becomes a kind of apotheosis, building up to an awe-inspiring climax that leaves a lasting impact. Drawing resemblances to the acclaimed artist Woodkid, Von Pearl delivers a cathartic and melancholic experience that lingers in the hearts of listeners. The track beautifully balances its ethereal qualities with its rock-inspired elements, creating a unique and captivating sonic landscape.