JJ Miller – Simple Math

JJ Miller's latest single feels exactly like a dream!

After playing the drums since the age of eleven, JJ Miller didn’t discover his talent for songwriting until his final year of university. This revelation came about unexpectedly when he was assigned to create an original song as part of his homework. Teaming up with singer Talia Jean Perez, they produced his debut song, “Sweetest Thing“, which received high praise. Soul artist Ann Vriend described it as a “vivid and evocative piece of music,” while Keep Walking Music recognized Miller as an “artist to watch.”

Initially, Miller had envisioned other singers performing his music, but Perez convinced him to record his own vocals. Although the recording was raw, it brimmed with emotion and served as the catalyst for Miller to start singing his own compositions. As he amassed a collection of songs, Millers journey as a songwriter and producer continued to show promise. His music encompasses rich instrumentation, subtle vocals, and grand arrangements reminiscent of artists like Keane, Coldplay, and Elliott Smith.

In his latest release, “Simple Math“, JJ Miller revisits his melancholic writing style and delivers an experimental ballad infused with psychedelic soundscapes. Inspired by a series of restless nights, Miller crafted “Simple Math” to capture the way one’s mind amplifies anxieties during sleepless hours.

Reflecting on the creative process, Miller shares: “For a period of weeks, I would wake up to contemplate the same set of existential problems, almost like a recurring dream. I wanted to portray that uncomfortable, sleepless place where a person’s problems feel the heaviest“. “As a songwriter“, Miller elaborates, “I admire music that departs from convention in subtle ways, but still offers something accessible to the listener. That’s what I wanted to do here – create something that’s equally experimental and accessible“.

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