Harmless – What U Want

What U Want is dream-pop bolero!

Nacho Cano, originally from Mexico City, now resides in Los Angeles. Throughout his musical journey, he has released various projects under different names such as Twin Cabins, Canito, and currently, Harmless. At the age of ten, Cano immigrated to San Diego, where he utilized hip hop as a means to enhance his English language skills.

Harmless showcases a vibrant fusion of emotions, blending captivating electronic synths, velvety vocals, and occasionally whimsical saxophone melodies. Cano explains, “Harmless translates the hopeless love I know from Mexico. Songs about impossible love, boleros in English“. Overall, Nacho Cano’s musical endeavors reflect his personal growth, cultural influences, and a deep passion for crafting meaningful compositions across various genres.

Composed within the confines of his compact office-turned-home studio in Silverlake, “What U Want” emerged as a cathartic reflection on the transformative aftermath of a harrowing hit-and-run incident that nearly claimed his life. Under the expert production of Yves Rothman at the renowned Sunset Sound, the track came to fruition. According to Harmless, “What U Want” was “heavily inspired by many of the meetings I had with major labels after Swing Lynn’s viral success. In this song, I am trying to tell myself about these meetings and how label after label turned us down for being a “non-urban Latin” act they felt they couldn’t market. The song is basically playing a joke on all of those meetings and how they made me feel. The lyrics, the tone, the sound, all of it is in an effort to give those major labels what they wanted but can’t have anymore”.

Notably, Harmless concluded a highly successful U.S. tour alongside the Australian indie band Vacations, enchanting audiences and selling out venues. Additionally, they have had the privilege of sharing the stage with acclaimed acts such as Wavves and SadGirl.

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