Haulm – Fathers

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Haulm materialized as a collaboration between JT Norton, a vocalist/composer, and Reed Kackley (BAILE), an electronic producer. Despite crossing paths in 2012 while performing in various Brooklyn-based bands, it wasn’t until 2017 that they embarked on a joint musical journey. Initially, the intention was to record some casual vocals for BAILE, but it quickly evolved into something distinct: Haulm.

The duo’s signature style intertwines minimal electronic compositions, drawing influences from downtempo and techno, with heartfelt and intimate vocals. Merging modular sounds with analog synthesizers and foley sound effects, Norton and Kackley craft music that seamlessly combines sincerity and a passion for creating captivating dance grooves.

Fathers” represents a brooding, downtempo track that delves into the profound implications of fatherhood in the contemporary era. Serving as the focal point of their 3rd EP, “Preludes“, the song gradually builds up tension, culminating in plucked synths and overlapping vocal samples layered over a fragmented, plodding beat. Emotions overflow as Norton’s vocals convey sentiments of failure and exasperation, with lyrics such as “Fathers showing their fury, without thinking instead.

The essence of “Fathers” encapsulates various themes, encompassing stress, personal growth, and frustration. Norton reflects on the lyrical content, reminiscing: “The song initially began as a condemnation of self-serving politicians who neglected the well-being and safety of the public during the pandemic, essentially portraying them as “shitty dads”. However, as we delved deeper into the song, it felt as though I was turning inward, exploring my own experiences as a relatively new father and the profound impact it has on one’s life“.

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