[TGIF] Coloured Dreams

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Photo from snaps from our time at @instituteofsonicarchitecture recording with @gethinpearson (from @sub_cultures_band)

Embark on a journey through a diverse range of indie releases, featuring soulful vocals and progressive R&B/pop beats that evoke emotions of love and longing. Delve into the depths of tragic love and reflect on past experiences with emotionally charged tracks in the indie/alternative genre. Experience the bold and infectious sounds of “awkward pop” and explore the theme of moving on from heartbreak. These releases encompass a variety of genres and emotions, providing a captivating musical experience that resonates deeply. Immerse yourself in the world of indie music, where new beginnings and raw emotions intertwine.

Alice Aera – Stuck On You

Drawing early inspiration from iconic artists such as Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, India Arie, and Aretha Franklin, Dutch singer-songwriter Alice Aera has skillfully crafted her own soulful sound. Her captivating voice gracefully intertwines with progressive R&B/Pop beats, meticulously produced using organic instruments. Infused with her velvety vocal timbre, introspective lyrics, and resplendent vocal melodies—perhaps stemming from her formative years playing the violin in the National Youth Orchestra—Alice‘s compositions offer a distinct and enthralling auditory experience that effortlessly resonates with one’s emotions.

Stuck on You” is a profoundly moving ballad that beautifully encapsulates the intricate emotions tied to love and yearning. The poignant hook, “I been so stuck on you, and it just ain’t fair” powerfully conveys the depths of non-reciprocated affection and the challenge of moving on. Alice Aera‘s haunting vocals skillfully portray the contrasting facets of love—their exquisite beauty, heart-wrenching sorrow, euphoric moments, and desolate despair—painting a vivid and evocative portrayal of this complex experience.

Bear’s Den – Summer & Smoke

With their new EP, the UK-based band continues to deliver emotionally charged and deeply personal tracks, following the successful release of “Evelyn“, “Summer & Smoke” is the latest addition to this collection, drawing inspiration from Tennessee Williams’ play of the same name. The song explores the theme of tragic love, reflecting on past experiences of rose-tinted passion and doomed romances. The unresolved tension of the play, centring on a young love that cannot quite work out, resonated with the band’s own experiences of desertion and loneliness in early relationships. Metaphorically, the song evokes the intimacy of sharing a cigarette and falling asleep in someone’s arms, juxtaposed with the loneliness of waking up alone to a house on fire. ‘Summer & Smoke’ is a heartfelt and relatable tribute to the complexities of love and relationships.

Belot – Get This

Belot, the self-proclaimed pioneer of “awkward pop” is back with a cheeky new offering titled “Get This“. Following the release of her highly praised EP “Harmless Fun” last year and the glittering comeback single “Cool Whip” in March, which found support from a lot of radio and big media, Belot continues her pursuit of rich and immersive pop textures with her latest release. Co-written alongside Dirty Hit’s up-and-comer Oscar Lang, “Get This” adds a bold and bouncing electronic base to Belot’s already infectious sound. The track revolves around the theme of moving on from heartbreak and how, just as you’re starting to function normally again, the person who broke your heart resurfaces. The track is fueled by Belot’s desire for the ex to sit on a cactus, a sentiment that she knows most people have felt at some point.

Deanna DiLandro x Tripped N Sat – a tale of 2 moods

a tale of 2 moods” is a refreshing pop melody that encapsulates the act of challenging the negative aspects of oneself. It serves as a buoyant anthem, urging listeners to rise above anxiety, exhaustion, and the chaotic state of the world, and to embrace the joy that accompanies a memorable night spent with friends. The song emphasizes the transformative power of taking a walk, detaching from one’s physical being, and experiencing the exchange of love, no matter how small. Sometimes, even the subtlest gestures can reverberate loudly. Ultimately, this composition narrates the story of two individuals uplifting each other from a stagnant state, persevering, and savouring life’s simplest pleasures.

Jason Nolan – Cantonese Dream

Meet Jason Nolan, an electronic art-pop musician who is about to release his debut album, “Pink Sky In The Real World“. Nolan, who is of English and Malay descent, has been writing music since he was seven years old, drawing inspiration from his father’s extensive collection of cassettes and videos. He signed with Majestic Casual during his teenage years and has since garnered the attention of millions of listeners worldwide with his candid vocals, cryptic lyrics, and distinguished sonic palette. Nolan splits his time between Wellington, New Zealand, and London, England, and has recently been exploring London’s open mic and jam scene. The album, which took him four years to make, features his first single, “Cantonese Dream“, a song about feeling like a passenger in your own dream and being on the wrong side of the mirror. Nolan wrote most of the album in different spots around New Zealand, with “Cantonese Dream” being written in Aro Valley Wellington. The music reminds him of walking through the bush that was nearby during COVID times, and he looks forward to releasing more songs from the album over the next few months. Nolan draws inspiration from people and experiences rather than specific music artists and views his creative process as a form of musical journaling to foreshadow future experiences.

Meltt – Soak My Head

Vancouver-based alternative psych-rock band Meltt has released their latest single, “Soak My Head” a dynamic track that explores the pervasive issue of social media anxiety and technology addiction. The song navigates through verses propelled by a driving beat, accompanied by the strumming of autoharps and guitars that build up to an anthemic chorus embellished with strings. Lead vocalist Chris Smith candidly admits to falling into the trap of endless scrolling, highlighting the addictive nature of the digital world and the need to find solace in nature or immerse oneself in cold water to reset and reconnect with reality. “Soak My Head” is part of Meltt’s upcoming album, which incorporates music from their EP “Another Quiet Sunday” and their recent single “Do You Ever Wonder?“.

Mr. Oliver – Cartoon Dreams

Mr. Oliver is a talented Indie Rock Singer-Songwriter hailing from Antwerp, Belgium. With a penchant for dreamy guitar sounds, narrative lyrics, and soothing backing vocals, he creates personal and authentic songs that are sure to resonate with listeners. His eagerly anticipated debut album “Between Good Days” is set to drop soon, but you can already catch a sneak peek with his first singles. “Cartoon Dreams” is one of those singles and the first to leave a mark on the ears of WtMM. An energetic and uplifting ode to a dream Alexander had about cruising through space with the woman he loves.

Gold Spectacles – Man Or Machine

Gold Spectacles, a London-based band with a DIY approach to music-making, is released a new EP titled “More Heart Than Sense Pt. 1” on May 19th. The EP features emotionally charged narratives that explore the complexities of human interaction, connection, and loss, while the band continues to blend organic and electronic textures. The lead single, “Man or Machine” is a tribute to the unsung heroes who keep everyone else together when they themselves are breaking. With scalic analogue synths, dynamic guitar parts, and gritty bass, the song revolves around a mother in the lyrics who is getting through the days after a tragedy, going above and beyond to complete mundane tasks and keep everyone afloat.

Roni Bar Hadas – Troubles

Roni Bar Hadas, is a talented 27-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Tel Aviv. After honing her skills by performing with renowned artists in Israel, she made a remarkable entrance onto the music scene with her debut album, “Calm the Beast” in late 2020. The album received widespread love from listeners worldwide, and its singles gained prominent placement on Israel’s biggest radio playlists such as glglz and kan 88. Coming from a musical family, Roni‘s passion for songwriting developed as an integral part of her personal journey, providing solace and fulfillment. Although she began her musical journey as a classical musician, Roni felt compelled to create her own original works, seeking the freedom and bravery that classical singing alone couldn’t provide. In recent years, Roni has amassed a global following, touring with her band and gracing the stages of major festivals.

Prepare for the upcoming release of Roni Bar Hadas’ highly anticipated second album, as the rising indie-pop artist is set to unveil it on June 13th. Offering a glimpse into this exciting project, the lead single “Troubles” sets the tone with its infectious groove, memorable hooks, and a delightful blend of soulful vocals, dreamy guitars, and a touch of retro vibes. The track explores the theme of confronting pain as a means of finding healing, and it is accompanied by a visually captivating and colorful music video. Stay tuned for an immersive musical experience from Roni Bar Hadas as she unveils her sophomore album.

Scrawny – Novocaine

Scrawny, the versatile songwriter-producer, showcases his talents with his latest release, “Novocaine,” a dark trap-pop gem from his upcoming debut album, “Out of the Noise“. The song delves into the connection between physical struggles and emotional pain, with Scrawny’s nimble verses and catchy pitched-down chorus creating a hypnotic and captivating sound. As the electronic instrumentals and vocals build throughout the song, it creates a trance-like experience, reminiscent of the numbing effect of novocaine during a dental procedure.

Exploring themes of insecurity and belonging, Scrawny shares his personal experiences with painful teeth problems and the impact they have had on his self-esteem. The name “Scrawny” which he embraced from childhood, becomes a theme in his music, focusing on mental health, self-care, and finding worth within oneself. Influenced by artists like The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Coldplay, Twenty Øne Pilots, and AJR, Scrawny’s tracks combine pop elements with folk, alternative rock, hip-hop, and electronic music, creating a fresh and relatable musical experience that extends a helpful hand to listeners.

sfven – come over

Derby’s talented bedroom-pop artist, Sfven (already featured here), embraces the power of friendship in his latest captivating track, “come over“. Infused with folk influences reminiscent of Justin Vernon’s work, this heartfelt song serves as an epiphany, reminding us of the importance of being a good friend who will always provide a welcoming sanctuary for those in need. With widespread acclaim from esteemed figures like Jack Saunders at BBC Radio 1, MTV, and Notion, as well as successful tours with bigger names like KAWALA or Spill Tab, Sfven continues to rise. Excitingly, he will be joining BoyWithUke as the main support act for their upcoming EU/UK tour in August.

‘come over’ was born out of the realization that both my friends and I were going through challenging times. It’s a song that celebrates the beauty of friendship and serves as a reminder that my door is always open for anyone who needs it.

Sub Cultures – Red Weather

Sub Cultures, a band hailing from South Wales, The Forest of Dean, and Gloucester, brings their unique blend of indie and alternative rock. Their highly anticipated debut EP, self-titled “Sub Cultures“, was meticulously crafted at the renowned Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, with the accomplished producer Jack Boston, known for his work with The Cure and Beth Orton. The EP hit the airwaves in March 2021, captivating audiences with its refreshing and relatable sound. Leading the charge is the talented quartet comprising Lewis Parks on lead guitar, Charlie Foster on bass, Eric Karvik on drums, and Kane Radnor handling lead vocals and rhythm guitar duties.

Red Weather” is the band’s latest single and, under the expert guidance of producer Gethin Pearson (renowned for his work with artists like Charlie XCX, Kele, and Crystal Fighters), this fresh track by Sub Cultures has come to life. Building upon the remarkable achievements of their previous singles, namely “Peeping Andrew” and “Enjoy Yourself“, this new release solidifies their reputation in both commercial and critical circles.