jacksonfalls – takin me back

A trip down memory galaxy - take a look at jacksonfalls' latest!

jacksonfalls, a talented producer and guitarist originally from Chicago and now residing in Montreal, reminds us of the smallness of our world in comparison to the vast expanse of the universe. His musical journey began at a young age, where he first learned the piano under the guidance of his mother. Later, he discovered the guitar through Detroit James, a Chicago bluesman and a close friend of his father. At a mere 9 years old, he formed his first band and has been actively involved in music ever since, whether it be playing the guitar, bass, or drums in various bands.

At the age of 17, jacksonfalls ventured into recording and mixing music, initially focusing on rock and blues genres within the confines of his own living room. Over time, his sound evolved and expanded to encompass a fusion of RnB, indie rock, and EDM elements. Having graduated from McGill University with a major in music, he has seamlessly integrated his blues foundation, classical training, and diverse influences gained from producing for artists spanning different genres such as indie pop, hip-hop, and punk rock across Montreal, Chicago, and Toronto.

On his latest single “takin me back“, jacksonfalls invites listeners to embark on a captivating voyage down memory lane with their nostalgic and ethereal track. Merging elements of psychedelic indie rock with electronic nuances, the song weaves a bittersweet narrative that transcends time. Its pulsating rhythm and vibrant characteristics make “takin me back” an impeccable addition to any dreamy playlist, evoking a sense of longing and reflection.

Crafted within the intimate confines of jacksonfalls‘ Montreal apartment, this song serves as a testament to their prowess as a freelance producer and mixer. Demonstrating their multi-instrumental talents, jacksonfalls performed all the synth and guitar parts live, infusing the composition with an authentic and raw essence. The drums, meticulously programmed, contribute to the track’s rhythmic precision and enhance its overall impact. Through their creative vision and meticulous craftsmanship, jacksonfalls has crafted a mesmerizing sonic experience that transports listeners to a realm where memories intertwine with imagination.

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