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Fresh tracks from up-and-coming artists. It's TGIF!

It’s Friday so get ready to discover some new releases! This post highlights some of the freshest and most exciting indie tracks that have recently hit the airwaves. From the upbeat and empowering anthem “You Do You” by Andy Frasco and the U.N. to the soulful and empowering “Release Me” by Ay Wing, there is something for everyone. We’ll also introduce you to the catchy pop ballad “Tears Don’t Fall” by Graham Riley, the introspective bedroom track “Coloring Book” by Maffa Rico, the catchy and politically charged “Rare Candy” by The Jürgen Clubs, and the emotionally charged instrumental ballad “Turkish Delight” by The Trouble Notes. So, sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through the latest and greatest releases in the indie scene!

Andy Frasco and the U.N. – You Do You

Andy Frasco & The U.N. are set to release their sixth studio album, “L’Optimist“, on Friday, August 11, which features the first single, “You Do You“. The song is a call to arms to be true to oneself and stand up for LGBTQIA+ rights in the midst of government oppression. The album represents Frasco’s refusal to conform and his determination to achieve success by doing things his way. The song and album reflect Frasco’s belief in staying true to oneself and the importance of fighting for what one believes in. “L’Optimist” promises to be “the most optimistic and enthusiastic album to date” and by the looks and sounds of the first single we do want to follow on those lines as this is highly contagious and surprisingly powerful.

Ay Wing – Release Me

Ay Wing, a Swiss-born artist based in Berlin, captivates audiences with her vibrant and irresistible Neo-soul sound. With glittery beats that leave first-time listeners enchanted, Ay Wing has garnered a devoted following both online and in live performances.

On her newest single, Ay Wing delivers a captivating and diverse indie soul alternative R’n’B anthem. “Release Me” embodies themes of rebirth and personal liberation, carrying a soulful and heartfelt message. It speaks to breaking free from the chains of codependency and reclaiming one’s own life. With its catchy chorus and lively production, the track serves as an empowering catalyst, inspiring listeners to seize control of their own destinies. “Release Me” by Ay Wing stands as a potent reminder to take the necessary steps towards freedom and self-empowerment.

Graham Riley – Tears Don’t Fall

Graham Riley is a young and talented singer, songwriter, and artist from West Hollywood, California who has been captivating audiences with his soulful lyrics and dynamic ability to play multiple instruments since he was just five years old. He signed a publishing deal with Jay-Z‘s multimedia label Roc Nation in 2020 and has amassed over seven million streams across all platforms by the start of 2023, with “Rain” and “Pain on My Mind” being his most well-received tracks. One of his songs, and the newest single, “Tears Don’t Fall” was written in January 2021, born out of his internal strife after a breakup with his girlfriend and a falling out with his best friend from high school. The opening lyrics of the song reflect his sentiment of being at a crossroads, having to decide who he wanted to be after losing the people who once tethered him to his identity.

The track that works as a pop ballad is also naturally deep and commercial set but still evidently touching and easy to go and sing along. Catchy as f*** might be the best definition. Definitely current and dramatically good.

Maffa Rico– Coloring Book

Maffa Rico, an indie music project curated by singer and multi-instrumentalist Bradley Giroux, is heavily influenced by funk and jazz. Born out of the vibrant atmosphere of west LA, the band’s formation evolved through years of funky jam sessions and experimentation with various rotating members. Giroux, originally from Madison, WI, relocated to Los Angeles in 2015 to work at the renowned Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood. There, he had the opportunity to collaborate and learn from esteemed artists such as Kamasi Washington, Paul McCartney, Queens of the Stone Age, Herbie Hancock, and Terrace Martin.

Freshly released on early May, “Coloring Book” is a soothing and introspective bedroom track designed to enhance moments of tranquillity throughout the day. Maffa Rico invites the listener to embrace slower moments such as enjoying a morning coffee, basking in the afternoon sun, or relaxing on the couch with an evening drink during dinner. The song incorporates gentle wurli electric pianos, an old casio drum machine, and concludes with a melodic guitar solo.

The Jürgen Clubs – Rare Candy

The Jürgen Clubs, a Danish indie-rock band, has released their fourth single “Rare Candy“, following their successful first three singles “Shiver” (covered here), “You Never Take Me Anywhere, James” and “Soft“, which gained national and international recognition. Produced by Søren Buhl, the song delivers a powerful message against the incessant belittling of individuals in both personal and political spheres. “Rare Candy” encourages a reasonable and well-thought-out discussion of differing opinions and issues rather than resorting to throwing them up in the air. Resorting to rightful indie-rock and easy-going hooks that contribute to a catchy sonority there is also a retro feel that feels welcome in the track and makes this an instant hit for us.

The Trouble Notes – Turkish Delight

The Trouble Notes is a Berlin-based trio that combines their diverse cultural and musical backgrounds to create a unique fusion sound that celebrates unity in diversity. Composed of Bennet Cerven, Florian Eisenschmidt, and Oliver Maguire, each member brings a different perspective to the group. Bennet, a classically trained violinist from Chicago, drew inspiration from his love for hip-hop and alternative genres to compose music. Oliver, born into a family of rock and roll in west London, was exposed to rhythmic styles from ethnic musicians worldwide. Florian, who learned guitar in Braunschweig, Germany, was influenced by rhythmic guitarists such as Rodrigo y Gabriela, John Butler, and Tommy Emanuel. The Trouble Notes’ emotionally charged instrumental ballads are a blend of pan-cultural influences and eclectic fusion of traditions, reflecting their extensive travels and musical development.

Turkish Delight” draws inspiration from the beloved Turkish psychedelic rock and Latin Cumbia of the 1970s, infusing it with a contemporary indie-rock flair. While their tracks typically showcase violin or vocals, “Turkish Delight” takes a slight detour by highlighting the electric guitar as the lead instrument. The guitar takes center stage, complemented by groovy basslines and rhythms inspired by Cumbia, and adorned with elements of Turkish funk-inspired violin. This instrumental piece serves as a delightful testament to the band’s diverse musical influences, seamlessly bridging traditions from five continents.