Springworks – Joke of the Season

Are you ready to laugh out loud? Meet Springworks and their most recent work, Joke of the Season

Haha, that was really funny.

Or not.

Every day we listen to artists who claim to be different, irreverent, and unique. Be it on the radio, internet, or through a friend who claims to bring us the latest biscuit in the package. We listen to it, we like it, and we discard it: it’s just another song that glances in our head, almost as if it were fast food.

And it’s almost the same with jokes: everyone tells them, saying that their way of expressing it is the best or the only one – but, deep down, the joke is always the same and, many times, we even know it by heart.

It is time to look to the other side of the Atlantic, more precisely to Canada. David Beaman and Ryan Rollinson are the Springworks, two musicians who define themselves as those guys who construct strange melodies over the years with the intention of…listening to them.

With this premise, we come to their latest work, “Joke of The Season“.

The song starts full steam ahead, with a respectable instrumental, almost like a symphony, full of guitars, drums, and piano: a musical theatre for our ears. The song refers to our initial premise: the feeling that all the songs we hear in our daily life are the same or very similar to each other. And we listen, and repeat the experience over and over again, even without realising that it all sounds the same. Joke of The Season tries to spoil this party, with a different and irreverent sound, almost as if it were a play.

We changed the joke, we laughed a lot. “Joke of The Season” is just that: an irreverent and unique tribute to the sounds we listen to every day – in a totally different way from the usual. A WtMM recommendation.

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