Experience the unique blend of dark pop and clever electronics in Lucius Arthur's latest track "Humans"

Lucius Arthur‘s music is a sonic blend of his mother’s affinity for American R&B, his father’s love for Brit pop and rock music, and his exposure to all kinds of music during the emergence of YouTube and online streaming while similarly inspired by sci-fi films and anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Kill la Kill, and Perfect Blue.

Humans“, his latest track, is like the perfect intersection of all these. Taken from his debut album “A Violent Dichotomy“.

Human” is a song that perfectly melds dark pop with clever electronics. The track’s stretched vocals are both violent and cathartic and are underpinned by a deep beat and a vivid electronic atmosphere. The song features a compelling use of repetition that accentuates the vocal aspect, while the lyrics are candid and raw, delving into the themes of darkness and the self. Lucius’ delivery is passionate and emotive, evoking a sense of vulnerability and introspection while sounding desperate, which leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Human” is an impressive showcase of the artist’s unique ability to create a sound that is simultaneously dark and uplifting. The song’s honest and raw lyrics serve to amplify its emotional resonance, while the dynamic interplay between the vocals and the electronic instrumentation creates a powerful and unforgettable sonic experience. A standout piece of music that perfectly encapsulates the artist’s creative vision and unique artistic voice, and is sure to resonate with fans of dark pop and electronic music alike.

About Lucius Arthur:

Lucius Arthur is a musician, producer, and songwriter based in Inglewood, CA. He has worked with some of LA’s most influential underground artists from his studio in Inglewood. Arthur’s current project, “A Violent Dichotomy“, draws inspiration from the screamo and emo music of the San Diego music scene during his adolescence, infusing it with high energy and chaotic ethos. The project’s sound is a combination of his mother’s love for American R&B, his father’s fondness for Brit pop and rock music, and his access to music of all genres through YouTube and online streaming. The project’s aesthetics draw inspiration from sci-fi films and anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Perfect Blue, and Kill la Kill.

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