Anna Hauss- balance

A dreamy and melancholic ode to finding equilibrium in the midst of change.

Photo by Amelie Amei Kahn Ackermann

The dreamy and melancholic “balance” track from Anna Hauss speaks to the beauty of finding equilibrium in the midst of change. As the second single from her upcoming debut album “how long is now” set for release on September 29th, this song evokes a sense of floating between indie grooves, melodic guitars, and Anna’s captivating vocals that reach for something beyond our grasp. Though the guitar lends a tinge of sadness to the track, it’s Anna’s buttery vocals that keep us coming back, eager for more.

Anna Hauss is a Berlin-based singer and guitarist who creates indie soul music that resonates with those who appreciate heartfelt lyrics. Anna’s soulful voice and crystal-clear songwriting style have captivated audiences. Born and raised in Berlin in a household of artists, Anna discovered her love for music early on. She pursued jazz studies at Leipzig Conservatory, where she became the lead singer of the band Still in the Woods and gained widespread recognition for her musical talent. Prior to this release, Anna made waves with her contribution to the award-winning Netflix series “The Queens Gambit” with the song “I Can’t Remember Love” and also worked with her band Still in the Woods before venturing out as a solo artist with her first EP.

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