Nymphlord – Stinks 4 Lyfe

How 90's are you feeling?

Nymphlord is the stage name of Tia Rabinovitz, a singer-songwriter and producer whose unique sound is a blend of 90s alt-rock, bush walks, Britney Spears crop tops, dog bites, and cheerleading. Having studied Applied Mathematics before pursuing music full-time, Rabinovitz enjoys both the logic and freedom of creating music. Her music is intimate and confessional, drawing inspiration from her own life experiences. Rabinovitz’s first attempt at recording an album was at age 11, but she stopped sharing her music after a family member cried upon hearing a song she wrote about their relationship. In her early career, Rabinovitz released experimental indie-pop under the name “taia“, which gained over 500,000 streams and featured on popular playlists. She also played in other bands and currently performs with LA-based ambient collective “Academy of Light”.

Releasing her new single today, ” Stinks 4 Lyfe“, Nymphlord told us: “In the first version of this song there were no drums, only samples of nuclear bombs and gunshots sourced from YouTube. It was the day after Roe v Wade was overturned; I was holding my feelings hostage, only granting them permission to slip out in small melodic runs. Most songs I write are patch worked together over the course of a few weeks or even months, but this one unraveled right away. I kept the original vocal take on the final track to preserve that initial frustration, anger, helplessness turned determination. If you listen closely, you’ll also find another relic from that day: looping chirps from a flock of feral parrots that live outside my window, which served as the inspiration for the song’s title. It was a weird day and a hard day, but for me the process of making this song helped transform it into an incendiary day.

It feels like the Cranberries, it feels like old-school pop-punk Avril Lavigne and it feels a bit like Hole too, but it is definitely Nymphlord and I’m here, waiting for more!

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