Living Pictures – Crystal Palace

From static to ecstatic: meet Living Pictures and their incredible project.

Living Pictures: a representation of a scene, painting, or sculpture, by a person or group posed silent and motionless.

Static, paralysed, but alive at the same time, this is how we feel listening to the first album of Reif Larsen and Andrew Perreault’s project. From Portland & DC to all over the world, the artists mix electronic music with classical, instrumental and, at the same time, ambient music.

The inspirations are unanimous when listening to the first songs: we feel Brian Eno, Chromatics, Nouvelle Vague, Portishead, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin and even a bit of Nick Cave & Warren Ellis.

The album, “Crossing The Bridge“, is a set of nine songs that follows the transition of a being between light and dark, wanting and not wanting, nervousness and calmness, happiness and sadness. Each piece represents a state of living, a song that defines us, in each state of our life.

And it is in these states that we highlight one of the singles of the album, “Crystal Palace”.

The song brings us calm, introspection and, at the same time, melancholy: the rhythm is interesting, without being boring – with an electronic piano that could perfectly define those defining moments of our life. It reminds us of the piano beginning of the song New Born by Muse, and also Paradise Circus by Massive Attack. Our skin shivers – and we shiver at the theme. It’s very beautiful and stripped down, which makes you listen to it over and over again.

If there is a definite way to be in life, the band Living Pictures can portray every moment exquisitely through their sensitive and touching instrumental music. A WtMM recommendation.

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