Make Fiction – Complacent

From Fiction to Reality. Meet Make Fiction and his debut single, Complacent.

From Los Angeles to Lisbon comes “Complacent”, the latest single from the artist Make Fiction.

The music is fresh, unique and irreverent. It mixes alternative rock with pop, jazz, and uptempo. We feel good listening to it, in the contagious world of the American musician.

We start the song in a calm and discreet way, almost as if it was a secret. Gradually, the instruments infect our ears and, out of nowhere, the chorus (and name of the song) bursts through our headphones. The vocal power of Make Fiction blends excellently with the instruments. We feel like we have known him for years, even though this is the first track from his new project.

Make Fiction is an artist from Los Angeles, with a background in classical music and jazz. He is a producer for several local artists and decided to open his musical horizons to indie rock. As we can see from this theme, it was the right choice.

“Complacent” is Make Fiction’s debut track – and we were not indifferent to his talent and overall positioning in music. It’s well-produced, well composed, with a beginning, middle and end—an artist to retain in the ear for the time to come and a WtMM recommendation.

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