Inkfields – Moroccan Blue

Hypnotic, laid-back and blue.

Inkfields had its origin in Dresden, Germany, where Samuel (the creator) started with a spontaneous after-work street music experiment. Since then, his journey has taken him through Sweden, Southern Germany, and finally to Edinburgh, Scotland, where he is currently based. Samuel’s music has been shaped by thousands of hours of street music across numerous European cities, enduring all kinds of weather conditions from -12 degrees to +40 degrees, including rain, snow, wind, and sun. The challenging yet rewarding life on the road has influenced the way he writes and performs. Over the years, his music has evolved through various genres and matured with time. With the release of his new second album, “The Third Side of the Coin” Samuel seems to have found the sound he has been searching for.

The Third Side of the Coin” was release on late April, and the song “Moroccan Blue” has already become a fan favourite. The entire album, including “Moroccan Blue“, was recorded with just one microphone in Samuel’s sitting room, as he is an audio engineer. The song represents a desire to be free from modern reality and was inspired by the fluidity and calming effect of the ocean, beautifully featuring his brotherly voice timbre with a riffy, laid-back, stripped pop-rock sonic wave. John Barrett, who has worked with Arcade Fire, George Ezra, The Rolling Stones, and Frank Ocean, mixed the song at Abbey Road Studios, and it was mastered at Castle Sounds Studio by Stuart Hamilton. The album is available on vinyl from the world’s most environmentally-friendly vinyl pressing plant, which uses recycled materials for both the records and artwork, and Eco-friendly ink.

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