Pine Barons – Frantic Francis

Frantic Francis is Pine Barons' latest and you need to check it out!

Pine Barons is an American band that uses a unique combination of instruments and recording techniques to create different moods and textures in their music. Their debut LP, “The Acchin Book“, was praised for its metaphorical lyrics and complex arrangements. In 2020, during the pandemic, they released “Mirage on the Meadow“, which explored themes of human connection and impermanence. During the mixing process of “Mirage on the Meadow“, frontman Keith Abrams discovered the music of Japanese band Fishmans and created “I LOVE FISH“, a tribute album where Pine Barons brings their own flavor to the arrangements and compositions of nine Fishmans songs, including the ambitious 30-minute-plus song “LONG SEASON“. Abrams felt a strong connection to the voice of Fishmans’ late Shinji Sato, which confirmed the universal beauty of music.

Frantic Francis” features hypnotic sounds, dreamlike imagery, and a throbbing bassline that aims to recreate the feeling of waking up as a child and experiencing everything as new again. Following the completion of the “I LOVE FISH” project, the approach to composing for Pine Barons has changed, with a greater emphasis on simplicity, and free, silent spaces.

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