Caleb Hurst – Get to You

Modern indie pop done right.

Caleb Hurst‘s newest single is not exactly a new track. If you look into the deep catalogue of his former band The Honeysticks, you will find a track called “Get to You“.

Well, Hurst’s newest solo outing is a rework of that tune. Released on the five-year anniversary of The Honeysticks self-titled EP, “Get to You” is a fun, catchy indie pop track. The instrumentation doesn’t lack texture and diversification, feeling like a slightly more modern take on an already modern indie pop tune. Quite fulfilling in the end, if we say so ourselves!

Caleb Hurst is an LA-based artist and producer making indie art-pop music. Originally from Texas, Hurst dropped out of college and moved to Los Angeles in 2014. Sometime later he co-founded the pop/rock band The Honeysticks, to whom he lent his talents of writing, production, vocals and multi-instrumentation. Since then he has embarked on a solo career, having released a slew of compelling self-produced singles since 2019. Drawing influence from Björk, Radiohead, James Blake and Frank Ocean, Hurst blends digital and analogue elements with the desire to create soulful alien music.

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