CATES – Meadow Street

CATES' latest is a fast-paced trippy love letter to Meadow Street!

Brothers Matthew and Aaron Cates are the driving force behind CATES, a collaborative music project based in Nashville. Born into a family of Country staff songwriters, the duo has inherited a deep love for music composition. They specialize in crafting compact pop rock songs that are packed with inventive imagery, metaphor, melodic hooks, and intricate harmony. CATES firmly believes that true innovation in music arises from songcraft rather than relying on studio effects such as gated reverbs, flangers, or programmed drums. Their dedication to creating authentic and meaningful music sets them apart from the crowd, and their fans eagerly anticipate their next release.

Meadow Street” is a delightful fast-paced tribute to a quirky neighbourhood in Nashville that stands out in the face of the city’s increasing gentrification. This upbeat psychedelic masterpiece is a love letter to a place that embraces its eccentricities and defies the trend of homogenisation. The song celebrates the unique character of the neighbourhood and the sense of community that prevails despite the changing times. It’s a musical journey that will take you on a trip through the heart and soul of this vibrant and distinct part of Nashville.

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