Haulm – Preludes

Great indietronica ready to manipulate you into the dancefloor.

Preludes“, the newest song by the duo Haulm, is gorgeous.

The instrumental is a terrific crescendo, a magnificent piece of indietronica found in the middle of Bon Iver-style vocals and production/manipulation that feels straight out of Purity Ring’s playbook.

The end result is a gorgeous, catchy tune, that feels like an ensemble throwing at you vocal lines filled with melody, instrumental passages that feel ethereal, and a great climax that makes you want to dance. All in all, it’s pretty great – you should listen to this.

Haulm is a collaboration between vocalist/composer, JT Norton, and electronic producer, Reed Kackley (BAILE). The two met in 2012, playing in similar Brooklyn-based bands, but didn’t find themselves working together until 2017. What began with some casual vocal sessions meant for BAILE, quickly took on a shape of its own: Haulm.

Their style meshes minimal electronic compositions, influenced by downtempo & techno, with honest and intimate vocals. Blending modular sounds with analogue synthesizers & foley sfx, Norton & Kackley are writing music that fuses a sense of sincerity together with a desire to create compelling dance grooves.

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