Beachdust – Crazy Horse

Discover the Ultrasonic Bliss in the latest by Beachdust

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We wish we’d seen beach dust everywhere, that kind of silver lining that we can only see at the beach and that lets us think about life in a much lighter way and somewhat a much more clearer way. Perhaps Beachdust, the band name, comes from that perspective: “Beachdust “is the documentation of a never-ending quest towards states of ultrasonic bliss“.

Their latest track, “Crazy Horse” is what dream pop is typically known for and what it is typically loved for too. It’s misty with a good atmosphere, ideal to take us everywhere, and has that kind of feeling we find in the later parts of the day when we are walking on sand with the sun warming up our souls. It sings about letting children run free and about ignoring our mothers and then understanding all they do is care for us. All of this is supported by a marvellous guitar that is purposely sounding in the background and a mix of drum and acoustic vibe that provides the appropriate cadence for inner feelings.


Bloods been watered down
But it still don’t shake
Somewhere deep Inside
The open plains
Where the people can be
How they were always meant to be
Let the children run run
Run Free, Run
Run Free, Run
The earths not quiet now
You don’t hear your mothers words
Hear her crying out
Hear she’s crying now
When my people should be
How they were always meant to be
Let my children run run
Run Free, Run
Run Free, Run

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