O. Wake – Head in the Cloud

Exploring the Negative Effects of Digital Addiction in O.Wake's Latest Track

Each year, our immersion into the digital realm becomes more profound. “Head in the Cloud“, the latest track from O.Wake, is a song that reflects on modern life and how we’ve become increasingly intertwined with the virtual world. The title is a nod to our growing dependence on technology and the negative effects it has on our ability to stay present in the real world. Our fixation with our devices causes us to miss out on important experiences and moments that pass us by unnoticed. However, the song doesn’t solely blame individuals for succumbing to this digital addiction. Instead, it critiques the societal norms that promote this behaviour, highlighting the irony of feeling “connected” while simultaneously losing touch with reality. The track features a sarcastic tone, particularly in the third verse, as it takes aim at the culture that encourages this detachment from the physical world.

In O.Wake, the lead vocalist, Ofer Shouval, skillfully blends the art pop and indie rock genres to delve into the contemporary world’s concerns and contradictions using clever stories and expansive soundscapes. Through a blend of raw emotion and reserved self-assurance, O. Wake‘s developing melodies stimulate physical activity and mental exploration by drawing on diverse sources, including identity, intersectionality, and technology, to create a wide spectrum of emotions.

Someone saw me
For a second, noticed me
She sighed softly
And then turned her eyes
To the cellphone that she lives in

I just stood there
Let my headphones talk to me
Phrases passing, words that wash all over me
Though I couldn’t listen

Someone said
“Your head is in the cloud
Your wallet’s on the ground
Take a look around you!”
One stop later I’m alone

Sitting in a cubicle
Selling something useless
Asking if you could fit me in your schedule
Monday night I’ll text you

Someone said
“Your head is in the sand
Your wallet’s on the cloud
If you let me put my two cents in
You’ll come around!”

To turning into silicon
Counting 1s and 0s
Waiting for the coming singularity
Everyone’s a hero

Someone said
“I really like the sound
Been wanting to reach out
Should we get a coffee?”
Three strikes later here I am

Meanwhile, somewhere someone writes a policy
No one reads it, still they tell you how to feel about it
Have you seen the movie where the hero is
Risking nothing, chewing on his cuticle
Waiting for the ending
Waiting for the ending
Waiting for the ending

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