Emily Chambers – Exit Sign

After "Cicadas", Emily Chambers is back with her latest! Check out "Exit Sign"!

With a voice that exudes power and sultriness, Emily Chambers is a dynamic vocalist. Drawing inspiration from classic soul and R&B, she melds old-school Motown vibes with a touch of hip hop and a hint of Southern grit, resulting in a fresh sound that packs a punch.

Whenever she takes to the stage, there’s an instant sense of connection that makes it feel like you’ve known her for years. Originally hailing from Vancouver, Emily‘s musical journey has been a varied one, taking her from studying at Berklee College of Music to busking on the streets of Europe, and ultimately touring across the US following the release of her debut EP “Magnolia“.

Now, and after “Cicadas” the Canadian R&B artist, has released the second single from her debut full-length album, produced by Griffin Dean. Titled “Exit Sign“, the track delves into the tumultuous nature of an imbalanced relationship. With melodic guitar riffs that interplay with swanky synth lines set against minor chords and a relaxed beat, the song’s angst gradually builds. The chorus, punctuated by siren samples, is painted in shades of red, reflecting the song’s dark mood. The message conveyed on “Exit Sign” is straightforward: “I can’t be your escape.”.

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