FloraNova – Joyride

A gorgeous alt pop drive into the smooth night of our lives

Joyride” is described as evocative of an LA night drive to your favourite secret getaway spot, but the newest track from LA-based band FloraNova is perhaps much more than that. Starting with the whistle that sets the track right into our heads we’ve been reminded of how much we used to listen to this kind of music in the early 2000s. There are gorgeous pop hooks all around and the track takes not much longer into progressing to the catchy chorus. Well, we knew it was going that way before it went that way, and sometimes that happens with tracks. The most incredible part about this is that even though we were expecting it, every time the chorus hits, we feel there is something special about it and want to sing aloud. Perfectly build. Perfectly recorded. They make this an instant hit.

FloraNova is an alternative band hailing from LA and consists of four close-knit family members of Hispanic origin. Initially, a childhood aspiration, their passion for making music together has now transformed into a way of life. Infused with their coastal roots and evoking a sense of nostalgia for balmy summer evenings, FloraNova eagerly anticipates sharing the unique sound they have crafted in their practice space, affectionately referred to as “the garage”.

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