Yellow Shoots – Salma (Anthem)

Yellow Shoots brings a freshly revisited dub-infused piece!

Yellow Shoots, a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Brooklyn, is a musical polymath and alt-soul force whose sound is influenced by life and the sensory experience of synesthesia. His music blends R&B, rock, psychedelia, and alternative soul, creating a hybridized sound that is invigorating and uniquely dark and groovy. With immense swagger, Yellow Shoots leads as one of Brooklyn’s most eclectic producer/songwriters, infusing his recordings with the beat of his heart on his pocket.

Teaming up with TWYN, a Miami-based progressive jazz duo, Yellow Shoots released “Salma (Anthem)” on April 7. The song is a dub-inspired reimagining of the original track from Yellow Shoots’ 2021 LP “The Green Album“. The collaboration highlights the musical bond between Yellow Shoots and his brother, Jason Matthews, who is TWYN‘s keyboardist. Jason mixed and provided string orchestrations for the original album version of “Salma“, and here he and TWYN‘s drummer, Aaron Glueckauf, lay down a heavy, driving groove while chopping up the vocals and undergirding the track with a deep synth bass.

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