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Welcome to our new playlist, “Thank God It’s Friday”! From a lot of new releases we’ve already been posting the past two weeks, there are still other great tracks released in these last few days that have been setting the mood of our days. From Angela Aux’s future-folk album exploring science fiction visions to Blondes’ indie rock EP exploring themes of disconnection and reconciliation to Kenny Sharp’s soulful tribute to nightlife culture to Planet Ibiza’s dreamy romantic ballad, to Mathilde Widding’s 60s soul-inspired debut album, to Noy Markel’s dynamic blend of pop, R&B, and alternative music. These are some of the best new songs you can find here.

Angela Aux – Morning Time

Angela Aux‘s upcoming future-folk album “Instinctive Travels on the Paths of Space and Time” features a new single called “Morning Time“, where he questions if the new super-beings that will emerge in the age of spiritual machines will be thankful to humanity or surpass them forever.

The album explores science fiction visions and ideas of thinkers like Donna Haraway, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Ada Lovelace, and hopes that the future civilization of god-like humans will live more lovingly amongst super-intelligent beings and cyborgs than humanity did amongst itself.

Blondes – The Basement

Nottingham-based indie rock band Blondes have announced their upcoming EP “In Separation“, which features their soaring new single “The Basement“. After the success of their previous single “Love In The Afternoon” and 2021 collection “Out The Neighbourhood“, the band aimed to showcase their most passionate songwriting yet. The EP is a collection of songs written and recorded over the past two years, exploring themes of disconnection and reconciliation. “The Basement” was written during the first lockdown and captures the feeling of isolation, with its driving direction and The Cure-inspired textures. Produced by Rich Turvey, the track showcases the band’s evolution and maturity both personally and musically.

Kenny Sharp – Night Like This

With a sound he dubs Brown Liquor Music, Kenny Sharp is a singer-songwriter recognized for his soulful voice. His poetic lyrics and storytelling, combined with a powerful and raw delivery, expose a profound passion that defies his youthful appearance. Despite his former career as a rapper, Kenny has transitioned into a distinct singing style over the last few years that evidently touches Blues music.

Having relocated from Washington D.C. to Nashville, bartending became his profession, leading to bizarre hours and interactions with peculiar patrons that he portrays on his latest track “Night Like This“. This nightlife culture is sustained by a remarkable group of individuals, including bartenders, servers, performers, and musicians. Acknowledging their contribution, the track tries to pay tribute to these people, who shape the essence of cities like Nashville.

Planet Ibiza – mothefuckas

Mothafuckas” is a lo-fi, dreamy and romantic song that offers a surreal experience, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. It’s a romantic ballad that feels like it belongs in a Tony Montana-like setting, where you would leave behind your violent tendencies and embrace love.

Planet Ibiza comprises renowned producers from Stockholm, Sweden who have formed a band and a club that has captivated the hearts of romantic dancers, selling out events six times in a row. “Mothafuckas” is one of the tracks included in Planet Ibiza’s debut EP set to be released on April 6th.

Mathilde Widding – Stronger

Mathilde Widding, a young Norwegian singer-songwriter, draws her inspiration from 60s soul and modern genres like soul and jazz. Her seasoned and whimsical vocals have already made an impact on the local music scene. Mathilde beckons us into her soulful world with her first single, “Halfway” which debuted on November 11th, 2022. The song has garnered an abundance of positive feedback from both Norway, her home country, and various other countries.

Mathilde is currently dedicating herself tirelessly to her first album, which will feature the tracks “Stronger” and “Love” (and everything in between) as the initial releases. These two songs will offer an intriguing preview of the album’s artistic direction. Both tracks were simultaneously released on April 7, complementing each other as a cohesive pair. On “Stronger“, Widding‘s unique and whimsical vocals, coupled with her 60s soul influence, blend seamlessly to produce a raw, authentic, and candid sound. Someone we must watch!

Noy Markel – Sometimes

Noy Markel, a NYC based rising artist, has a distinctive and soulful sound that seamlessly blends pop, R&B, and alternative music. Her powerful and relatable lyrics, combined with her dynamic production, have earned her a devoted fan base. Her forthcoming EP is set to be an exhilarating continuation of her debut album, “Running From the Shadows“, which she released earlier this year.

Released on the first days of April, “Sometimes” delves into the challenge of maintaining focus in a fast-paced world. Noy shares: “We are constantly creating our own realities and getting lost in our thoughts. The song was born out of a conversation on perspective. The idea of watching different sunrises and the realization that sometimes the most meaningful moments happen in our own minds. I wanted to celebrate the hide-and-seek relationship we have with ourselves. A way of owning our own narrative by letting go. I wanted the music video to feel like an escape and a celebration of the whole process

Valley Sixteen – Villain

Valley Sixteen, who was named Apple Music South Africa’s up-next artist in 2021, has seen her career soar. Her self-produced singles, created in her bedroom, have impressed many, and her track record includes writing for Will Linley and contributing to multiple number-1 radio hits in her home country. She is set to release a series of monthly singles throughout 2023 under a distribution deal with Universal Music South Africa, and her sophomore EP is highly anticipated, featuring collaborations with top South African electronic acts. With her innovative DIY approach and creativity, Valley Sixteen is on track to become one of South Africa’s most promising musical talents.

Villain“, their latest track, is a DIY offering, produced, written, and recorded entirely on her bedroom floor using the iPhone voice memo app. The song explores the emotional experience of being misunderstood and misrepresented, capturing the pain of feeling like a “villain” in someone else’s story. Valley Sixteen’s unique sound, which fuses electronic elements, pop songwriting, and trance-like drum patterns, is inspired by Sevdaliza, Banks, and Lykke Li, making “Villain” a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever felt unfairly judged or misunderstood.