Bear’s Den – Evelyn

Yes, Bear's Den have done it again. This is their new and gorgeous portrayal of unrequited love

📷: Peter Miles

Bear’s Den, the already well-known folk-pop duo, has announced their new EP “First Loves” after a highly successful year in 2022. This included the release of their critically acclaimed album “Blue Hours” in May and an original soundtrack collaboration for the Apple TV+ series “Trying” with Maisie Peters and Jade Bird. The emotionally charged lead single from the EP is the gorgeous and contemporaneous “Evelyn“.

Deeply familiar from moment zero, with the already very well-known Bear’s Den vocal and lyrical stamp, the track progresses quickly to the chorus while infused with equal elements of indie rock and indie folk. There is always a gorgeous naturality through it all, and part of that comes from the vocal work that not necessarily feels like singing but mostly a voice talking to the listener, melodically and with the right cadence to support us with kindness and humanity.

Although Bear’s Den has previously explored the romantic and heartfelt aspects of love in their music, these new tracks explore the lesser-known elements of falling in love and the associated turmoil. “Evelyn” tells the story of two people falling in love in different ways and with different people, with one character experiencing maternal love while their friend struggles with unrequited feelings.

The duo shared that they have always been fascinated by intense emotions experienced by people together, even if those emotions are not necessarily mutual.

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