klanglomerat -Fünf

Fünf is not a song, is a place and a feeling. Enjoy it!

Klanglomerat is an art collective founded in 2021 by Berlin-based musicians Kai Kreowski and Mark Beumer, also known as bogsy and Grey Paris respectively. The collective aims to bring together various forms of art, including electro-acoustic music, visual arts, film, and spoken words. Their musical style combines electronic beats and analogue synthesizers with acoustic instruments such as piano, bass, clarinet, and guitar, resulting in a fusion of jazz, electronic, and neo-classical music. The duo records their explorative process and improvises structures, creating multilayered compositions that break through traditional musical genres.

Fünf” is the fifth single released by the electro-acoustic duo. This latest release takes a more acoustic approach, with the subtle use of synthesizers. The track features the unique drumming style of Robin Hartkopf from White Noise Trio, who adds layers of sparkling sounds to the repetitive piano and bass phrases. The song starts off calmly and gradually builds into a swirling combination of piano motifs, sweeping bass lines, and explosive drum fills, resulting in a modern and floating Jazz trio sound with electronic elements.

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