Ayleen Valentine – epitaph

Ayleen Valentine's latest is out!

Ayleen Valentine is a 21-year-old artist from Miami with a unique sound that blends acoustic and electronic elements, setting her apart in the industry. Drawing inspiration from artists like Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Imogen Heap, and Fiona Apple, Ayleen started writing and recording her own music at a young age, and in 2021, she left college to fully pursue her passion for music. Her emotional lyrics and performances explore themes of depression, love, and growing up, showcasing her vulnerability and self-expression. Ayleen is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, piano, and saxophone, and has independently released several EPs and singles. She has gained a loyal following through her dynamic live shows and online presence.

Ayleen is now releasing her second “a/b” single package, titled “a/b__2“, featuring two tracks: “epitaph” and “i can’t stop dreaming of you“. This release is the second of four packages, and on these tracks, Ayleen delves into the themes of solitude and loss, exploring their fragility and depth. On the “A” side, “epitaph,” Ayleen offers a sorrowful insight into her battle with loneliness. The song starts with the poignant strumming of an acoustic guitar that merges flawlessly with Ayleen‘s poignant vocals. With restrained tension, “epitaph” gradually intensifies until it culminates in a breakthrough moment where Ayleen‘s distinct production style shines through, employing layered synths and hauntingly echoing background vocals.