myie – Symptons May Include

A cathartic and genuine experience, these are the symptons of myie.

Symptoms may Include” is taken from Swedish alt-pop singer/songwriter artist Myie´s debut album “Feel Real” which was released about a week ago (March 24, 2023).

With a love-at-first-hearing vocal tone, the track is a pseudo-indie-ballad that firmly focuses on the lyrical value of the singer. With the listener guided through the track on the meaning of the very well-depicted words, it gets surprised by the quality of the production around the chorus, where the track is more filled and fills all senses just to further get the listener back to the power of her voice.

Through all this, the track sounds short and goes perfectly (and complete) with at least one other listen right after its end. Actually kind of melancholic and effectively cathartic, there are sequences like “Nothing feels real, nothing is ideal” that hook us for its genuinity and easiness as a possible pop-ballad that always flows without sounding forced or less than perfectly composed.

About myie:

Myie, also known as Miriam Ingrid, is a talented young alternative-pop artist hailing from Uppsala, Sweden. At just 15 years old, she wrote her first song, and after five years of hard work, she has now released her debut album.

Feel Real” is a reflection of the struggles of growing up and the pains that come with coming of age. As a former actress with roots in the film industry, storytelling has always been a part of Myie’s creative repertoire. Music is just another medium for her to explore and express her emotions.

Myie’s experiences of growing up in different countries have also heavily influenced her artistry. These diverse cultural influences have added depth and uniqueness to her music which can make her stand out in the industry in the following months.

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