Ant Antic – this time i

Ant Antic latest is badass-electropop!

Ant Antic is the music project of Tobias Koett, an Austrian singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. His music blends elements of pop, club, ambient, electronic, and contemporary R&B, with a signature sound that is both reduced and uncompromising. Growing up in small-town Austria, Tobias was influenced by British trip-hop artists and started producing music at the age of 14. After finishing engineering school, Tobias moved to Vienna to study music pedagogy and formed Ant Antic with drummer and producer Marco Kleebauer in 2015. They released their debut EP “Blood Sugar” and toured Central and Southern Europe before releasing their debut album “Wealth” in 2017.

In 2019, Tobias moved to Berlin to pursue opportunities as a music producer, and released the EP “Whoop!” followed by the singles “Slow Down“, “Yellow Press” and “Good News“. His second album “Good Vids, Vile Times” was released in autumn 2020 and explores the emotional power of information and media. Tobias ponders the effects of constant bombardment of information and how it can turn people into superficial nihilists, while still exploring the possibility of good news in the midst of it all.

Now, known for his unique blend of badass-electropop and Portishead-like melodrama, has released the first single for his upcoming album. “This Time I“, featuring Lizki’s melodramatic falsetto, perfectly complements Ant Antic‘s laid back attitude and creates an exciting and tense atmosphere. The music video, with its trippy trashy 90s aesthetics, adds to the overall experience and leaves listeners eagerly anticipating the rest of the album.

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