SOMOH – A Plan To Get Home

Deeply personal, nostalgic, sensible and overwhelmingly beautiful. This is SOMOH.

Sophina Mohan is SOMOH, a brilliant moniker who brings us the sensible pop-infused bad-ass “A Plan To Get Home” as her latest track.

The track, which is also the title track of her debut EP, is the perfect representation of her sound: deeply personal and nostalgic, exploring themes of love, hardship, friendships, and family. With bits and bytes from achs like Soccer Monny and Alex G, and taking inspiration from sensible and relatable pop like Lucy Rose or Daughter, there is an immense population reach in this type of sound. The vocals sound deep and rich from moment zero, and the gorgeous acoustic guitar lays the perfect silky (kind of dark) background. The track evolves also gently, easily and slowly, but also with certain and transmitting certainty to the listener. There is a gorgeous melody in the build-up to the chorus, which is contrasted by an incredible explosion of drum-guitar apotheose. Everything is still kept quite acoustic and familiar.

SOMOH shared that the EP is a reflection of a transitional period in her life, as she faced significant changes during her transition into adulthood. She wrote this title track about a bad night out and how she longed to reach the safety of her bedroom, which is where she wrote all the songs on the EP and feels most comfortable expressing herself.

About SOMOH:

Sophia Mohan goes by the stage name SOMOH, where she blends elements of 90s indie rock and bedroom-pop in her music. Her songwriting is deeply personal and nostalgic, with themes of love, hardships, friendships, and family are woven throughout. She made her debut with the single “I’ve Been Saying This“, and later collaborated with Joel Johnston, an Irish songwriter and producer who goes by the name Far Caspian, on the track “Warning Sign“. Their friendship began when SOMOH covered one of Johnston’s songs on social media. Johnston would go on to produce and mix the upcoming SOMOH’s debut EP, titled “A Plan To Get Home“.

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