Latir – Before Sunset

Golden Hour Official Soundtrack!

Today, London-based alternative RnB musician and poet, Latir, is dropping his newest single titled “Before Sunset“. This track will be his final release before unveiling his first EP titled “Daydreams and Desires“, which is scheduled to be released on May 5th.

Latir‘s prior singles have garnered acclaim from esteemed publications including Billboard, Notion, Earmilk, and BBC Introducing, highlighting the artist’s distinct blend of hip hop, classic jazz, indie, and electronic music. In addition to his music career, Latir possesses a fervor for storytelling and a foundation in poetry, having composed more than 200 poems and launching a weekly poetry club in Shoreditch. Despite the club’s suspension due to the pandemic, Latir remains engaged through intermittent virtual poetry events and daily composition of short poems, which exercise his creative prowess.

On this new track, Latir drew inspiration from a cherished memory of cruising during the golden hour with a special someone, culminating in the creation of a timeless and uplifting track that captures the fleeting yet invaluable essence of such moments. Crafted with live drums that emulate a classic hip-hop feel, vibrant synths melding with live bass, and uplifting melodies, “Before Sunset” stands as a quintessential addition to Latir‘s body of poetic and emotive music. The mid-song poem seamlessly complements the track’s overall ambiance and the moment it seeks to encapsulate, leaving listeners with a poignant sense of longing and optimism.

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