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Since the beginning of this magazine that we have been receiving great electronic tracks. For some reason, we didn’t post about those submissions because we felt they should be integrated into a specific mood. We are now building that mood with a monthly post focusing on the best of indietronica. This is electromental – part 19

1tbsp – Four Tet Is My Godmother

Four Tet Is My Godmother” is the latest single from Australian indie-dance project 1tbsp (already featured here) which is also the third single of his upcoming ep “It’s Very Loud” which was released the past March 16th. Over the last few weeks, Maxwell has given us two other exceptional singles. “Four Tet Is My Godmother” is the perfect opening track to this new ep as it sets the scene for what we can expect with its pulsing beats, tantalising percussions and driving vocal samples. Who doesn’t love a 5-minute opener: “I came up with the idea for this track whilst I was in New York recently. As so many people have expressed before, there’s something about NY that makes me feel so inspired and want to push my ideas to their limits. I worked at making this track to be really dynamic (inspired by some Daphni & Axel Boman tracks) where the song comes up and down in volume so some parts of the track feel very loud (also the name of my upcoming EP)” ~ 1tbsp

Cartamira – June T

Since their formation in 2018, Cartamira has been exploring the intersection of complex compositional ideas and contemporary pop spontaneity. Their narrative centers on blending their diverse and culturally rich backgrounds with their direct involvement in linguistic, philological, and mental health matters in their daily lives.

June T” serves as the second single from “Little Review“, Cartamira‘s forthcoming album. Scheduled for release on April 23rd, the track features a rapid tempo that draws listeners into a hazy, impressionistic harmonic realm before returning them to reality. The lyrics, primarily composed of verbs, narrate a tale of racing thoughts and unease. Interestingly, “June T” represents this Milan-based band’s sole venture into creating a love song.

Dendron – 1000 times

Electro-rooted, easy for a slow dance and appropriate for thinking both on the mind and out loud, the mysterious Dendron released his third-ever track with the title “1000 times” and firmly entered our electronic minds with it. Masterfully dreamy and of gorgeous simplicity. Everything we need for the real electromental mindset.

GoGo Penguin – Friday Film Special

GoGo Penguin‘s latest release, “Friday Film Club“, evokes 70’s/80’s nostalgia with references to skateboarding, flares, and hip-hop instrumentals. The single, which pays homage to Children’s Film Foundation’s Friday Film Specials, showcases the trio’s ability to create vivid memories through purely instrumental music. Along with “Glimmerings” and “Saturnine“, this single builds momentum for their highly anticipated upcoming album, cementing GoGo Penguin as a unique and inspiring force in the music industry.

IDOL – Forever

Extracted from the album “demos“, which features a compilation of discarded and rejected demo tracks produced over a decade. These ideas were doomed to languish on malfunctioning hard drives and compromised software. “Forever” serves as a testament to the imperfect and fragile moments captured during that time, and is shared with gratitude. The track directs its focus towards the fading remnants of the glorious and celebratory era of the UK garage, while also drawing inspiration from a more intricate and fragmented relationship that cannot solely rely on nostalgia.

Kepler North – Have Mercy On Me

Kepler North is a music project created by Joshua Davidson, a veteran video game sound designer. The project primarily focuses on electronic music and has gained attention in the music industry. In 2023, Kepler North released its second single of the year, showcasing Davidson’s talent for creating immersive musical experiences. The track entitled “Have Mercy On Me” is a beautiful sound-cased of breakbeat music with both a light and dark side to it, with an enticing piano vibe that flows in the back of a superb techno network that grows from start to end without ever sounding more than an electrified whisper until the danceable chorus. Varied, superbly produced and engaging, with very well-hand-picked minimal vocals that are easily mistaken by another electronic instrument, this is definitely one of the best electronic releases we’ve listened to this year.

OJ – Resolve To Rave

Olivia Johnson, also known as OJ on the dance floors, sees her musical journey as a way to express herself fully. Her production skills have unlocked a new force that is to be reckoned with, and the track “Resolve To Rave” reflects her desire to unlock her inner artist and overcome any fears or uncertainties. The song offers a small but impactful slice of peace and euphoria, reflecting the feeling of deep connection with oneself during and after nights spent with friends and chosen family in pulsing rooms with the crowd embracing each moment. “Resolve To Rave” combines bouncing breaks, euphoric pads, and an echoing, colourful panning choir that leads to an epic call and response, creating an out-of-body experience that is rare in a song with such high energy.

niko! – satellite

niko! is the musical project spearheaded by Nick Maxwell, a talented artist hailing from the American Midwest with a diverse range of musical inspirations including the likes of Frank Ocean and 80’s city pop. With a unique creative vision, niko! aims to craft music that resonates with each listener in a distinct and personal way.

One such example of niko!‘s musical prowess is “satellite“, a freshly released wistful track that chronicles the transformation of a bitter breakup into a renewed romance. Drawing inspiration from modern indie pop while incorporating the warm, analog production of the past with its lush synths and funky guitar riffs, the song is characterized by its catchy melodies and crystal-clear vocals. With each listen, “satellite” only becomes more infectious and relatable, making it a must-listen for any fan of the genre.

NYÃE NYAE x Soría – Bliss

NYÄE NYAE, an artist and producer based in Hamburg, has a deep passion for electronic sounds and unique voices. He started producing music after playing the drums in rock and electronic rock bands, with the goal of bringing his own vision of electronic music to life.

His latest release, “Bliss“, is an addictive Downtempo piece that features American artist Soría. The song is a captivating reflection on a past love, with hauntingly beautiful lyrics that describe the yearning to be with someone who got away. The song’s downtempo beat builds up to a powerful climax, leaving listeners with a sense of hope that there may be happiness on the other side of heartache.

RLGNS – Longe Pt.2

After one of them needed to migrate to a different country, Lisbon/Warsaw duo RLGNS wrote “Longe Pt.2” from opposite parts of Europe transposing physical barriers and connecting with each other as never before. Mixing organic sounds with an energetic electronic beat and a broken voice sample, RLGNS envelops the listener with its contemplative melodies and fierce groove. The song is the second single of “Longitude“, their second EP out in March. We’ve done articles on RLGNS multiple times here (here), including several features on these compilations (here, here, here). This should serve as a proper indication of these guys’ brilliance.

Sound of Fractures – Let Go

Sound of Fractures (already featured here) returns with “Let Go” a new song that has garnered support from BBC Radio 1 Future Dance DJ Sarah Story and BBC Introducing. Combining UK Garage and ambient influences, the track leads to a euphoric climax, taking listeners to that moment on the dance floor where nothing else matters. The artist, known for experimenting with technology to build stronger connections with listeners, has collaborated with Serbian club culture photographer Teodor Kopicl to offer a free limited edition digital poster for pre-saving the song on Spotify. The single is recommended for fans of Bicep, Overmono, Jamie XX, and Fred Again, and the accompanying music video is directed by Sarah Nesterenko.

SPHERES – Galactic Funk

Galactic Funk” is a very funky chill synth/retrowave tune with some data wave inspiration. The spiralling intertwining of sub-bass and airy chords creates an uplifting and energetic, (and extremely funky) call and answer between the bass and the chords. A track that sounds infinite, just like Funk should sound every time. This is the first single from SPHERES upcoming LP which will be coming out on Stratford Ct Records this year.

Weltschmerzdigest – New Follower

New Follower” a track and music video by Weltschmerzdigest, addresses the issue of stalking through a creative collaboration between human artists and artificial intelligence. The track uses cinematic techniques and foleys to create an atmosphere of anxiety and fear, with an AI-generated voice of a stalker talking calmly to the listener. The music video, created by Whitehand, features quotes from real victims of stalking written by AI, illustrating the machine’s interpretation of human emotions. The video also references Greek mythology’s story of Daphne and Apollo, highlighting the timeless nature of the issue.

Most of these tracks (and previous tracks featured in Electromental) are also in our Spotify Playlist: