Daniella Binyamin – ABBA

"ABBA" is an electro-pop celebration of embracing our madness.

From classical instrumentation to an incredible explosion of sound, catchiness and vocal depth, “ABBA” is the lead single from Daniella Binyamim affirmation.

Daniella, an up-and-coming artist, made a wonderful debut last year and was even nominated for this year’s “Gaffa Priset” in the “newcomer of the year” category. Her mystical and popular track “Out of Fuel” was a hit, and now she is releasing her debut EP, titled “Abba.” The lead track, also called “Abba” is a powerful and emotional song that blends high energy with sadness. It’s a crying-on-the-dancefloor anthem that can help listeners release their pent-up emotions. According to Daniella, the song, as well as the entire EP, is about embracing and owning your madness rather than trying to hide it.

Abba” is a poignant reminder that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and vulnerable sometimes. Daniella’s powerful vocals and emotive lyrics make this song an instant classic.

From acts like Woodkid (the instrumentation, the intensity and the progression) to vocal strength like Florence and the Machine, this is the kind of Electro Pop that needs to become the tendency of today’s music. The flawless production and the sort of light-dark vibe that the track emanates also help (a lot) in the way the track sticks into our bodies and soul.

About Daniella Binyamin:

Daniella Binyamin is a singer/songwriter with roots in both the Swedish countryside and the Middle East. Her music is a reflection of her dual identity and her way of understanding the chaos within herself and the world. Her debut single “Grand Hotel” was released to critical acclaim in March and was praised for its cinematic sound and uplifting yet melancholic expression. Despite having worked as a backup singer and songwriter for several years, including for artists like Lukas Graham and Zara Larsson, Daniella always knew she wanted to release her own music someday, and with “Grand Hotel,” she has firmly established herself as a rising star in the music industry.

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