Kerry Charles – Empress of the Crystal Moon

Kerry Charles is back at it again with this soulful piece!

Kerry Charles, the songwriter and producer, based in New Jersey, is back again! Combining his intimate falsetto with a rich blend of synthesizers and the unmistakable saxophone style of Max Cudworth, Charles creates a sound that yearns for an era of polyester and purple rain. With the support of a remarkable group of musicians (featuring Dustin Kaufman of St. Lucia), Charles and Cudworth weave a seductive tale that will leave you reaching to turn down the lights and open a second bottle of Malbec.

Following “Seal It With A Kiss“, “Empress of the Crystal Moon” is Kerry Charles latest release out off “I Think Of You” and is inspired by an individual whom the Charles frequently encountered in a cafe located beneath his Philadelphia apartment for several years. This person embodied the essence of “new age” and would frequently engage the writer in conversations regarding science fiction, crystals, and other esoteric subjects. Kerry Charles imagined the individual’s transformation from a “total normie” to an Empress of the Crystal Moon, which served as the inspiration for this song and the subsequent track on the LP.

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