Boambee – MAD

A Funky Pop Bomb of Love and Whimsy

Independent, female, mix raced producer and artist from Australia and New Zealand, Boambee’s latest single feels like a pop bomb we want to re-play again and again.

Entitled “MAD“, this upbeat pop sensation captures the wild intensity of love with a funky twist, playing on the dual meanings of “MAD” to convey both the anger and craziness that comes with falling head-over-heels. The real magic, though, lies in the irresistible repetition of the chorus, which manages to feel fresh and exciting every time it hits. And if you’re looking for an extra dose of whimsy, check out the self-directed music video on YouTube, which takes on an Alice in Wonderland theme and is already gaining serious buzz.

the colourful pop of the project and the capacity to make a listener identify with it through all the pop similarities in their sound with other well know acts is one of the best achievements of the track. The rest comes from the huge amount of catchiness we can’t quite explain.

More about Boambee:

Hailing from New Zealand but raised in Australia, this talented producer and songwriter of mixed race have made a home for themselves in the bustling music scene of Nashville with the project Boambee. After a brief stint as a commercial pilot, she decided to pursue their passion for music and is now gearing up for an exciting new chapter. Starting in October 2022, they’ll be dropping a fresh, genre-defying release each month – all self-produced and sure to turn heads.